Hank Boyd Is Dead, An Intriguing Thriller, And Views on People

Hank Boyd Is Dead Film Details DecayMag.com. Sean Melia. Michael Hogan. Terror Films. Hank Boyd Is Dead

Director: Sean Melia

Writer: Sean Melia

Release Date: June 27th, 2017

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Running Time: 1 Hour, 16 Minutes


Struggling actress/caterer Sarah Walsh is left alone to tend to the post-funeral gathering for Hank Boyd, a quiet loner who stood accused of a horrific crime. She knew Hank in high school and finds it hard to believe that he could do something so terrible. However, her opinion begins to change after she meets Hank’s brother David who is a local cop with a checkered past, his dimwitted partner Ray, his mother Beverly who’s in the latter stages of dementia and Aubrey, his distant and obviously damaged younger sister. As the family is exposed and the bodies pile up, Sarah must give the performance of a lifetime if she hopes to survive, and all because… Hank Boyd is dead.


Hank Boyd Is Dead is a gripping production. Produced by Michael Hogan. Distributed by Terror Films. Showing as part traditional, part documentary, the film takes the viewer behind the minds of a corrupted family. The Boyd Family (David, Aubrey, and Beverly) are hiding dark secrets. Hank Boyd was accused of a crime before taking his own life. Sarah Walsh (portrayed by Stephanie E. Frame), is hired to cater Hank’s family gathering. There, she discovers that the Boyd’s are not who they portray themselves to be and now that she knows the truth, it’s too late.

The film stars

DecayMag.com. Sean Melia. Michael Hogan. Terror Films. Hank Boyd Is Dead


The style of cinematography heightens the film’s intrigue. The production unfolds as part traditional film and part documentary giving it a sense of genuineness. It’s as if you’re watching the true story of a serial killer. Cinematographer Joseph White along with Visual Effects Artist Chase Gordon did an extraordinary job. The Z-Nail Gang is one of White’s notable work. This is Gordon’s debut production.

The performances are convincing, in particular, The Boyd Family. These are characters who are devious people, but they hide it well from outsiders. David Christopher Wells plays David Boyd, a police officer, and the main bad guy. One of the best portrayals of corrupt cops I’ve seen in cinema. Liv Booth plays Aubrey Boyd, the youngest sister. She puts on a great depiction of a confused and naive woman. Yet, she is devious. Carole Monferdini plays Beverly Boyd, the mother. She depicts someone suffering from dementia, but her character’s true colors show closer towards the end of the film.

DecayMag.com Sean Melia Hank Boyd Is Dead

Hank Boyd Is Dead is so convincing, it’s enticing. On one side, you have the story stemming from the suicide of Hank Boyd. Interview clips become interwoven speaking about Boyd as a person, his youth, the overall confusion regarding his death and the events that led to it. Each member of the Boyd Family become the center of the story. As the plot unfolds, the viewer discovers there is more to the story than meets the eye. The Boyd’s dark secrets as they attempt to act like normal citizens. Nosy eavesdroppers meet violent ends.

The film is marketed as having comedy, but it’s not apparent. Hank Boyd Is Dead dark and crude. Yet, the slip-ups of the dim-witted sister make for comical relief. She is a person that gets manipulated with ease. Also, the mother, who’s character is annoying.

The practical and special effects are good. Makeup Artist Morgue Anne does a great job at the wardrobe, makeup, and special effects. The violence and kill scenes are convincing and avoid being mediocre. Her other works include The Collector and The Terminals, both of which are short films. Sean Melia’s film looks to be her debut full feature production.

Hank Boyd Is Dead is a psychological scare that asks; How much do we know about our neighbors, our associates? Our co-workers and colleagues? What is it about that person you’ve spent much of your life with? Do you shrug off these individuals as having a passing phase or them being anti-social? Then after sudden events, you discover that they really were odd all this time. It’s this concept that scares the viewer in Melia’s production.

There is a beautiful musical score in Melia’s film. It’s like dark, dramatic melodies. They add tension and adrenaline to the film. The selection is by Chase Horseman. His works include El Gigante, Madre De Dios, and Dia De Los Muertos.

Hank Boyd Is Dead is a great cinematic experience. Filled with crime, deception, and murder. The production is properly executed. The plot plays out very well. The cast is great. Every element works together simultaneously to make it a sound production.

In Conclusion

Sean Melia has created a solid production. A considerably successful one being his debut feature length film. His other two works, You Don’t Know Me and The Administrator being short films.

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