Hells Kitty, Weird Scenarios, Unfortunate Events Makes A Hilarious Good Time

Hells Kitty Film Details DecayMag.com, Nicholas Tana, Hell's Kitty

Director: Nicholas Tana

Writer: Nicholas Tana

Release Date: March 13, 2018

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Running Time: 1 hr 38 min


Nick, a Hollywood screenwriter, discovers his cat has become murderously possessed, and will stop at nothing to rid him of any women in his life. As his life unravels out of control, Nick must find a way to have his kitty exorcised of the demonic spirit haunting her and creating a body count.

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Hell’s Kitty will release on Video On Demand on March 13, 2018. The Comedy, Horror production is directed by Nicholas Tana. He also writes the script.

The Cast

Doug Jones – Father Damien

Michael Berryman – Detective Pluto

Courtney Gains – Mordicia

Nina Hartley – Ms. Rommel

DecayMag.com, Nicholas Tana, Hell's Kitty

Director Nicholas Tana portrays Nick, a middle-aged man who’s romance and sex life has become deprived, all thanks to his pet cat, who possesses jealous tendencies towards the women who try to come in between her and Nick. Her lethal aggression leads her to violent acts, and in worst cases, murderous acts.

Nick’s stuck in the middle, as he’s terrified of letting people get near his cat, but he’s also attached to her that no one can break their bond. After seeking the help of a psychiatrist, a therapist, and a psychic, Nick discovers that his cat’s possessed by an evil entity and she needs exorcising if he wants her – and his life – back to normal.DecayMag.com, Nicholas Tana, Hell's Kitty


What could be worse than a human being possessed by an evil entity? A cat possessed by an evil entity. Cats already mysterious and mischievous creatures. Add a demon to the mix, and you are in a nightmare. Hell’s Kitty is that exact nightmare. Upon the surface, the cat is adorable. However, as the title of the film states, she is far from an angel.

Hell’s Kitty’s filled with hilarious case scenarios and unfortunate events. The comedy is dark, so it takes a dark sense of humor to understand it. My sense of humor can be dark in certain cases, which has helped me with this production. Also, just thinking back on how cats can be, sheds light and enhances the experience. I have never owned a pet cat myself, but I have been around several cats, and the experience is interesting.

The cast performances are mediocre. What came to mind when viewing it is a comedy spoof or a mockery of cats. In this aspect, the performances are in sync with the story flow and enhance the experience even more. Because the film’s weighed down by comedy, the scare factor is not so great. Unless you have a paranoia of mischievous cats, which I do, so I flinched at certain scenes. The violence in the film is also good and gives it a healthy balance between the dark comedy and the special effects.

DecayMag.com, Nicholas Tana, Hell's Kitty


Hell’s Kitty’s filled with weird case scenarios, unfortunate events, and dark, crude comedy. Director Nicholas Tana creates a story that manages to dark and hilarious for a great balance.

One of the best Comedy, Horror productions since Scary Movie (Keenan Ivory Wayans, 2000). This is how it’s done.



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