Herman Jones: Promising Concept With Mediocre Special Effects, Performances

Herman Jones Series Review Details DecayMag.com. Dave R. Watkins, Nate Hill, Herman Jones

Creator(s): Dave R. Watkins, Nate Hill

Release Year: 2018

Season: One

Episodes: 1-9

Air Date: May 1, 2018

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Running Time: Varies


A quiet man named Herman Jones struggles to keep his violent impulses and weird hallucinations under control, But when a strange cult starts trying to recruit him, it sets off a deadly chain of events.




Herman Jones premiered on May 1st, 2018, as a mini web Horror series. Created and directed by Dave R.Watkins. Co-Written by Nate Hill.

The Cast

Joshua Haire……Herman Jones

Amber Erwin……Jennifer Jones

Dave R. Watkins……Mr. Murk

Krissy Notes……Christy

Patrick Lemon……Elias Watson

J.R. Francis……Rick

Muretta Moss……Jill Jones

DecayMag.com. Dave R. Watkins, Nate Hill, Herman JonesImpressions


Herman Jones is an off character. He suffers from hallucinations; they bring that on by strange characters that are dark personalities. This appears to be a mental disorder that has passed on to him from his mother, Jill, who also suffered from alcohol abuse. He takes a strange interest in a television program called The Children of the New Dawn. The characters on the show are a weird group of intellectuals that resemble a religious cult.

As the series progress, we get a detailed backstory on Herman’s condition, which has developed since his adolescent years. Now an adult, he has become the interest of a neighborhood friend who tries to pursue him despite his standoffish demeanor. Advocates for The Children of the New Dawn pursue him by visiting his house and leaving him pamphlets hoping that he will consider their invitation.

DecayMag.com. Dave R. Watkins, Nate Hill, Herman Jones

Misfortunes that happen around him, both in his home and at his job, is no help to Herman, who is struggling to maintain his sanity through his medication and his calming techniques. Every obstacle brings about his traumatic childhood memories he has a hard time coping with. His sister, Jennifer, is his only outlet to keeping his sanity intact, however, that leans further away from the case. As the story progresses, Jennifer reveals a deep secret of their family’s history. This makes the story take a dark and confusing turn, as everything Herman once knew, becomes trivial.

He is at a battle between his dark personalities that taunt him to unleash them, and The Children of the New Dawn, who are pursuing him to join them. As the series progresses, it pushes Herman to insanity.

DecayMag.com. Dave R. Watkins, Nate Hill, Herman Jones

Herman Jones has a lot of potentials. The concept promising and refreshing. Yet, the deliverance falls through the cracks in a few areas. The two most notable and important areas are the special effects and the cast performances. Special effects, in the simplest terms, are mediocre, and the cast performances are not intimidating in the least.

The violence scenes are minimal as most of them shown to an extent. This is a good idea because it gives the story heightened mystery and suspense. By the same token, the aftermath of the supposed violence that took place followed by a deluded scene that lacks the visual effects to stimulate the mind.

The cast performances are low on the grade scale. This area is a huge turnoff to how the viewer will perceive this series. Even more-so than the cheesy special effects. The audience cannot connect with the on-screen characters with less than decent performances. This, in turn, influences the deliverance of the story overall.



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