Holiday Fear Film Details Nicholas Payne Santos Holiday Fear

Director: Nicholas Payne Santos

Writer: Nicholas Payne Santos

Release Date: November 24th

Release Format: Online

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short/Comedy/Horror

Running Time: 3 min 51 sec


In the final act of a slasher film, Bruce attempts to reclaim his manliness and impress the final girl by finishing off the killer.


Who would’ve thought to actually do a horror short about the last 3 minutes of a slasher where the final girl encounters one more time the killer and shots him one more time just to be sure he’s really dead?

Well, Nicholas Payne Santos wrote and directed a film about this short section and I love this idea! I think it’s amazing to actually have done this; and what’s best than a horror comedy of almost four minutes long about the boyfriend of the final girl being the macho of it all and trying to kill the bad guy for her when she doesn’t need any help? Holiday Fear explore this element and deserves applaud for being funny, fun and fresh!
Holiday Fear has been selected to a lot of film festivals this year, including Fantasia International Film Festival and Terror in the Bay Film Fest (Canada), Telluride Horror Show, FilmQuest and Nightmares Film Festival. Nicholas Payne Santos Holiday Fear


At the end of September 2016, I sat down to write a script like no other I’d written before: a feel-good romantic comedy. By Halloween, the screenplay had morphed into a meta-horror-comedy about machismo in film. Not exactly what I set out to write, but a story that spoke to me, nonetheless. As a kid, my friends and I had movie marathons every weekend, renting VHS tapes from the local Blockbuster’s horror section. HOLIDAY FEAR picks up at the very end of a typical Slasher movie, where the killer is seemingly dead, but wakes up with a vengeance just as the heroes thought they were safe. The film takes on what it means to be a man in a relationship while poking fun at the genre that I love.


Emily: Rebeca Robles

Bruce: Eric Whitten

Killer Santa: Ben Elder


Holiday Fear brings holiday Christmas feelings back to its roots. Who doesn’t love Christmas horror films? Even the bad ones I watch and rewatch all over again. Must be the Christmas spirit coming up… Anyway, Holiday Fear isn’t a bad film at all and it deserves a lot of recognition for being different and new.

The cinematography is beautiful with bright colours colliding with the bright white from the snow. and the red from the Killer Santa’s clothes. It calms the eyes but doesn’t bring down the fun or the horror. Well, more fun than horror. I’ve literally laughed out loud throughout the 3 minutes long. It’s really well done, it doesn’t seem like the film is starting, it almost seems there’s footage from earlier on that we’re not accomplice to. The actors did an amazing job creating a world of terror and comedy from a sequence we’re already accustomed to.

The score at the end credits by Cosmic Monster brought memories from Carpenter’s masterpiece Halloween. I really hope they had that in thought while composing the score, because it totally has a vibe from it and works really well as a fun homage.
Eric Written and Rebeca Robles steal the show, they have an amazing chemistry together and their dialogue is idiotically comic! I’ve loved how the Killer Santa is as much of a viewer as we are, witnessing their moment together trying to finish him off! Nicholas Payne Santos Holiday Fear

In Conclusion:

I don’t know if it was their intention but I’m actually sad that I didn’t get to watch the whole film till the point where this short starts! Loved the end and I would be definitely up to a sequel or a whole feature! You need to watch this and we need more horror comedy like this. Bravo to Nicholas Payne Santos.


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