House on Rodeo Gulch Creativity Evicted From Home Thriller

House on Rodeo Gulch Film Details William Scherer House on Rodeo Gulch

Director: William Scherer

Writer: William Scherer

Release Date: July 10th, 2017

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: ComedyDramaThriller

Running Time: 1h 35min


A mother and daughter fight a minister for possession of their new home.


Director William Scherer brings forth an exceptional view for evolving dramas. Scherer provides dramatic scenes that communicate atmosphere and tension. He uses different degrees of view to develop the visual narrative. For example, in one scene, Scherer placed the camera at foot level. The out-of-focus view leaves observers questioning the next action sequence. Clever!

House on Rodeo Gulch is original in concept. Yet, the severity of errors cripples this film. Redefining, House on Rodeo Gulch is not. William Scherer House on Rodeo Gulch


The performances were appalling. Each performer drowned under layers of unskilled and lackluster conveyance. These cringe worthy performances were intolerable. This convoluted structure of acting spans across the continuance of the film. Not only do the performers negate communication with body expression but the dialogue is a mishmash of emotionless words. The film is comprised of one-dimensional characters.

Scherer regresses advancement of Latinos in Horror film by decades. The character Raul (Adrian Torres) depicts a degraded image of a Latino male. Might as well add a diet of burritos and womanizing tendencies to the role structure. Fret not, Scherer did add those principles. William Scherer House on Rodeo GulchHouse on Rodeo Gulch was as pleasant as an amputation. For Act-I the narrative lingers on the delicate connection between Denise Peterson (Chanel Ryan) and her step daughter Shani (Megan Jay). Another focus lies on the women as they transition into a new dwelling. Horror/Thriller elements pitch in with haphazardness.

Although as a male viewer there weren’t any complaints watching Jay in many provocative outfits. In one scene, Jay played well as a Victoria Secret model. Scherer resorts to this eye candy tactic for most of Act I and Act II. That’s too much time ogling another woman. This critic would have fared better engaged with his wife instead.

House on Rodeo Gulch has a ninety-five minute running time. This would break down to a calculated thirty minutes per Act. In a film design, the initial Act establishes structure, character development, and external oppositions. The subsequent Act allows a rollercoaster framework for the finale. This, in directness, is screenwriting 101. For over forty minutes House on Rodeo Gulch does not provide the viewer a specific antagonizing force. William Scherer House on Rodeo Gulch

In Conclusion:

House on Rodeo Gulch is unbearable. This critic questioned what transpired through Scherer’s judgment when composing this film. Megan Jay illustrates a poor female lead. A sexy beauty equipped with a firearm is so nineties. Mr. Scherer neglected to see that even Lara Croft too underwent an improved modernized aesthetic.

A stereotype Latino character, a roster of amateur performers and a bad narrative abolish any trace of entertainment value.

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