Ian Powell and Karl Ward Reintroduce Horror Icon

Ian Powell, Karl Ward Sets Stage for Horror Franchise 

Director:  Ian Powell, Karl WardDecayMag.com Ian Powell Karl Ward Razors

Writer:  Ian Powell, Karl Ward

Release Date: 18th of October 2016

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: n/a

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

Running Time:  1h 28min


The first installment in an exciting new horror franchise. A young writer believes she has discovered the holy grail of terror, the knives used by Jack the Ripper for his notorious murders.



Razors, the film is marketed as the first installment into a new horror franchise. Ths next vision on the Slasher sub-genre is courtesy of Breaking Glass Pictures. The release date is set for the 18th of October 2016. Razors arrive on DVD and Video on Demand.

It is exciting to see filmmakers reintroduce dormant ideas. Ian Powell and Karl Ward are executing that effort with Razors.  The antagonizing force in Powell and Ward’s film is Jack The Ripper. This is a character that has had many incarnations in the Horror genre. Yet, each of these films was one-offs without intent in a continuous series.

© Magic Mask Pictures Limited 2014
© Magic Mask Pictures Limited 2014

In Razors, England’s notorious mass murderer entwines with mystery and the supernatural. The combination of these elements modernizes the archaic accounts of the nefarious killer. As a new horror franchise, it is interesting to see where Powell and Ward will take this concept.

Stay tuned to DecayMag.com. Scheduled is an upcoming exclusive interview with Razors creator, Ian Powell, and Karl Ward.


Razors is a multi-dimensional film. Enjoyment lies in the narrative and its set-up. The opening scene of Act I does well in attracting the audience. Blood and violence make an appearance from the start. Yet it is not the showcase, supporting scenes is a well-established story.

Presented is a cast of believable characters. Unlike typical slasher films, every role in Razors is a vital component to the story. Horror enthusiasts will notice a similarity with William Malone’s 1999 remake / release.

The film delivers memorable moments. These points are not in the many blood-rich visuals. The defining point lies in the mystery component of the film. This formula appears basic to some yet engaging for others. It all depends on familiarity with the genre.

Photo by Sue Foll © Magic Mask Pictures Limited 2014
Photo by Sue Foll © Magic Mask Pictures Limited 2014

To summarize, Ruth Walker (portrayed by Kelby Keenan) finds herself plagued with terrifying visions. Her episodes begin after coming into possession of a mysterious box. Contained within are knives believed to be that of Jack The Ripper.

Actress Kelby Keenan is commendable in her role. A recurring part of the franchise can place Keenan as the next iconic female in Horror.

Ian Powell and Karl Ward penned a script that covers the who, what, why and how. This creative duo showcased enough to a sequel. That opens the platform for an Intriguing franchise to look forward to.

Photo by Sue Foll © Magic Mask Pictures Limited 2014
Photo by Sue Foll © Magic Mask Pictures Limited 2014


Crippling the production is the portrayals exhibited by some of the cast. The tension and fright projected were not believable. Lines find exchange with memorization instead of emotional delivery. The viewer will notice these instances.

The storyline begins strong yet as the film progresses the intricacies of the story disintegrates. Audiences familiar with mystery films will deduce the conundrum presented in Razors with ease.

Photo by Sue Foll © Magic Mask Pictures Limited 2014
Photo by Sue Foll © Magic Mask Pictures Limited 2014
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