Imitation Girl, Stunning And Flawless

Imitation Girl Film Details Natasha Kermani Imitation Girl

Director: Natasha Kermani

Writer: Natasha Kermani

Release Dates:

March 16th // April 20th

• First release: 4 March 2017 (Cinequest Film Festival)

• Actual coverage: 28 September 2017 (PUFF Film Festival)

Release Format: VOD // Cinemas

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Drama/Sci-Fi

Running Time: 84 min


A mysterious young woman materializes in the middle of the southwestern desert, where each step teaches her about her new world and her new body. As she assumes her new life, she discovers she has a twin with whom she shares more than just an outward appearance.

1. Overview: Natasha Kermani Imitation Girl


I remember when I watched for the first time Another Earth from Mike Cahill and it left me speechless. It was such an amazing and rewarding experience that kept in you for weeks and I’ve never felt that way again in front of an indie Sci-Fi drama. Until now.

Imitation Girl is a science-fiction film by Brooklyn-based Illium Pictures’ co-founder Natasha Kermani. As a dreamlike exploration of the female experience, from sensuality to love to heartbreak, Imitation Girl is the story of an alien, IMITATION, who falls to Earth and takes human shape in a woman’s body, JULIANA FOX, an adult film star living in New York City. Only when she meets her twin, a world-weary New Yorker, does either become a complete person – for truly you must find yourself to be complete.


Imitation Girl is a beautiful self-searching journey about a girl named Julianna who gets sucked in by her actual life that is the opposite of what she would have imagined years ago.

I have so many respect by feminine empowerment and I believe the time has come for women be as equal as men, and lately, I’ve watched some amazing female roles on screen and it’s a pleasure to have a new point of view and such quality in filmmaking.

Imitation Girl is a gem and I hope it gets the rave reviews and views it deserves.

2. Impressions Natasha Kermani Imitation Girl

I loved every single thing about this film. From the writing to the cinematography, score, and acting. God, the acting is fabulous. I remember watching The Woman years ago and thinking Lauren Ashley Carter had a spark in her. I’ve never watched another film lead by her but I’m glad I found Imitation Girl.

Lauren is amazing in it, she plays both roles with fierceness and while they’re so different in many aspects, they are seeking the same thing: life. Julianna is an adult film star that suddenly can’t remember why she is in the business anymore but keeps going for it and doing the same mistakes while Imitation is arriving on Earth with the desire to learn about herself and live. They’re both searching for themselves. And when they do, they complete each other – they become one.

It sounds cheesy writing it like that but it isn’t when you’re watching. It’s so much more and how Lauren portrays both characters so well has to do as well with how Kermani directs her actors. I’m a fan and I can’t feel other than curiosity about her future work.

The cinematography and score are both electric and immersive. They work amazingly well together. The practical and special effects are impressive for an indie film. It reminded me of Under the Skin and if you liked the film as I did, you will be happy about Imitation Girl. The black goo has an important role in here Natasha Kermani Imitation Girl

I found it interesting how the characters interact with each other in both Imitation and Julianna’s lives. It’s so fluid and natural I was almost watching cinéma vérité. Every single character, especially on Imitation’s life has a delicate portrayal and such honest heartfelt performance. Great supporting actors.

It is hard to find anything bad to talk about Imitation Girl. Well, actually the title is shallow and simple for this complex and beautiful self-discovery experience.

3. Natasha Kermani Imitation Girl

In Conclusion:

This is a breathtaking picture of pure art. It’s an introspective experience wherein the end you’re asking yourself the same questions as the characters in the film. It’s so hard to find that feeling most of the time. Thank you, Natasha Kermani for your tremendous work for writing and directing Imitation Girl. Worth every penny and I can’t wait to watch more from Kermani and Lauren Ashley Carter herself.


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