I’ve Got My Minds Eye Set on You (And Part of Me Knows What You’re Thinking) Lengthy Title, Thriller Short

I’ve Got My Minds Eye Set on You Short Details

Director: Samuel Valenti

Writer: Samuel Valenti

Release Date: TBA, September 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Short

Running Time: 15 Minutes


A woman obsessed experiences paranoia, the supernatural, and treachery in a twilight zone episode about the nature of questioning, knowing, and believing.

1. Overview

DecayMag.com. Samuel Valenti. I've Got My Mind's Eye Set On You (And Part of Me Knows What You're Thinking)

Samuel Valenti’s, I’ve Got My Minds Eye Set On You (And Part of Me Knows What You’re Thinking) will premiere at the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival this September. The Short Horror, Thriller captures the essence of infidelity and all the emotions that a victim goes through.

The cast

Hannah Gold

Sean Krasinski

Daniela Montalvo

After seeing a mysterious letter in someone else’s handwriting, Katie (portrayed by Hannah Gold) has hallucinations of her significant other, Paul’s (portrayed by Sean Krasinski) infidelity. But, are they hallucinations? She’s also having visions of a split personality. But, are they visions?

2. Pros

DecayMag.com. Samuel Valenti. I've Got My Mind's Eye Set On You (And Part of Me Knows What You're Thinking)

The camera angles are up close and personal to the subject at hand. A lot of it being Katie, as she is the main key figure in this story. There are brief high and low angles scattered at key scenes.

The cast performances are superb, with a high notice given to Gold. She portrays a distraught woman stuck in a bad place. She feels her significant other is being unfaithful and having hallucinations of the act. Yet, she is so in love, that she ignores the warning signs and her woman’s intuition. Meanwhile, Paul is not very nice toward her. He’s rather nasty and abusive in a way. But, her feelings for him get the best of her better judgment.

Katie is also battling a very dangerous split personality she struggles to keep contained while she is trying to keep her sanity. Yet, this beast within her is waiting to unleash itself from it’s isolated “prison”. Katie portrays one of the best performances of a woman scorned while Paul portrays a very intimidating performance of a mentally and emotionally abusive partner. He doesn’t have very much dialogue. In fact, his whole demeanor towards her says way more than words can ever say.

Marie (portrayed by Daniela Montalvo) has a simple role, but she does well in it. Like Paul, she is mean towards Katie, but not as rash as he is. She is more of like the best friend who faked her friendship the whole time, and now she’s just waiting for Katie to lose it.

The whole story revolves around Katie and her suspicions regarding Paul’s loyalty and faithfulness. She gets stuck in a dark place as she tries to cope with what is happening or what is about to happen. There is also an evil presence inside of her that pushes her to lose her sanity and take everyone with her.DecayMag.com. Samuel Valenti. I've Got My Mind's Eye Set On You (And Part of Me Knows What You're Thinking)

This story hits close to home for a lot of victims of infidelity and a broken family and home. And, in actuality, when you deduct the evil spirit aspect of it, quite a few cases end up in a similar situation and conclusion. Samuel Valenti’s film is so personal, it’s terrifying. Regarding insanity and madness and people falling off the deep end, few can cope well with heartbreak, as witnessed in Samuel Valenti film.

It’s the practical effects with the blood and kills, its impressive. The effects of the blood look real. There is no musical score in this film. Instead, it’s a dramatic theatrical sound. This works well in this film’s favor. It heightens the intensity of some of the scenes. It also adds to the creep factor.

3. In Conclusion

Hell hath no fury on a woman scorned! So the saying goes. I’ve Got My Minds Eye Set on You (And Part of me Knows What You Are Thinking) is a prime example of this statement. Valenti’s film is the first look at a very real and natural psychological terror.

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