Lake Moultrie Massacre A Quirky Slasher, Comedy

Lake Moultrie Massacre Film Details C. Michael Whaley  Lake Moultrie Massacre

Director:  C. Michael Whaley

Writer: C. Michael Whaley 

Release Date: 21 May 2017 (USA)* *

Release Format: TBD

MPAA Rating: 

Genre: Short, Horror 

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Six friends decide to go to a secluded cabin in the woods, that has a deadly past. Will they survive to tell their story? C. Michael Whaley  Lake Moultrie Massacre


Lake Moultrie Massacre is a short horror comedy written and directed by C. Michael Whaley of Turn a Phrase Films. It follows six friends who decide to go party at a secluded cabin in the woods, which also happens to be the site of a mass murder.

The film opens with a scene in “Lake Moultrie” in 1990 where we’re introduced to a daughter (played by Madison Atkinson) and her father (played by Michael James Daly) as they have a strange conversation in her bedroom. The young girl expresses that she’s having some trouble with her friends and the father assures her she’s the strongest 12-year-old girl in the room, which is funny because while it’s literally true, it doesn’t exactly provide much encouragement. C. Michael Whaley  Lake Moultrie Massacre

The story transitions to the dining room where Dad tells his daughter to be herself, which she does by starting to eat, only to be scolded that she should pray first. In some close-up shots, Dad talks to Mom, who’s off-screen. At the end of the scene, after the girl has run off to play with her “friends” on the dock (in quotes because it’s unclear as to whether they’re real, human, alive, or dead since this family is so strange), it is revealed that Mom has met a grisly fate.

Director C. Michael Whaley then transitions to “Mount Pleasant,” 2016, via a prolonged series of newspaper headlines, revealing that many more people than just Mom were murdered at the site of Lake Moultrie.

The film continues a comedic, self-aware tone when introducing six friends:

The friends engage in stereotypical slasher-film dialogue where the guys are looking for sex and the girls are talking about the guys, but C. Michael Whaley’s direction makes it clear the stereotypes are intentional and exaggerated for comedic effect.
The group drives off in a pick-up truck, engaging in more banter as they drive to the infamous Lake Moultrie cabin. On their way, they encounter a crazy man (Graham David) who warns them that they are about to meet a potentially horrendous fate if they keep driving.

The film ends on a clever, unpredictable note and is a nice moment of slasher film parody.
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