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Lets Play Dead Girl Film Details DecayMag.com. Christian Alexander Morán. Let's Play Dead Girl

Director: Christian Alexander Morán

Writer: Christian Alexander Morán

Release Date: July 9, 2016

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Thriller

Running Time: 23 Minutes, 33 Seconds


Lets Play Dead Girl is a story inspired by true events about three girls’ experience with Slenderman in early 2014. Josephine and Juda are best friends who create a mysterious, god-like creature, named Alto. They write stories, draw pictures, and always talk about him – they become completely obsessed. The girls create a website dedicated to Alto and it gains thousands of followers. One day, they decide that the time has come to bring him to life, and the only way to do that is by sacrificing one of their friends. What about this story will make your skin crawl? The girls are only 12 years-old.

1. Overview


Lets Play Dead Girl released on July 9, 2016, in Film Festivals, and has reaped great success, winning several awards at multiple film festivals.

Brightside Tavern Film Festival 2017


Festival Prize Best Director Horror
Christian Alexander Morán (director)




Festival Prize Best Horror/Thriller
Christian Alexander Morán (director)

Best NJ Short
Christian Alexander Morán (director)

Grove Film Festival, New Jersey 2017

Festival Award Best Film
Christian Alexander Morán

Lets Play Dead Girl, Women in Horror Film Festival Finalist. Officially selected at twenty-one (21) festivals.

The Cast

Yessenia Rivas – Josephine

Yeena Sung – Juda

Laura Guzman – Conseulo

Tomas Bergland – Andrew/Alto

Upcoming Screenings

Northern Frights Festival, October 21st, 2017

Proxies of Fear, October 27th, 2017

Macabre Faire Film Festival, January, 12 to 14 of 2018

Josephine and Juda host a website where they advertise and promote an imaginary presence named Alto. Soon, they become obsessed with turning Alto from imaginary to a real-life person. However, in order for this to happen, they need a sacrifice of an innocent soul. What better way to get that than from their devout fans?

Consuelo is the biggest fan of the website. Josephine and Juda use this as their opportunity to complete the ritual. They become her friends and invite her out to a sleepover. Consuelo thinks they are just being nice. But she will soon find out what they have in store for her.

2. Impressions

DecayMag.com. Christian Alexander Morán. Let's Play Dead Girl

Lets Play Dead Girl has a pitch that is not new, but it is intriguing. Stories of Slender Man have been in circulation for quite some time now. Morán’s story is inspired by a Wisconsin case, where two teenagers, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyer, lured a classmate, Payton Leutner, into the woods in a park in Waukesha. Leutner was stabbed 19 times. Weier and Geyer’s motivation was Slender Man.

In Lets Play Dead Girl, Josephine and Juda dream about an entity, Alto for a few years. They felt his presence with them, despite him being imaginary become so obsessed with him. The girls think Alto can take care of all of their needs and give them a better life. This fantasy leads to them concocting a ritual to bring him to life. At the cost of a soul.

Themes revolving Slender Man have always intrigued me. They are the prime example of how far someone will go to achieve a dream of some sort. What makes this even more terrifying is that it revolves around young teenagers. Dangerous kids have always been a scary concept since watching Children of the Corn.

DecayMag.com. Christian Alexander Morán. Lets Play Dead Girl

The costume selections are excellent. One thing to pay extra notice to is Alto, as his costume and makeup require the most work. This character was creepy, just as Slender Man is to be. The makeup is great and convincing. What I have always loved about this character is that he dons a suit and tie. Yet, you can tell he is a mysterious person who has sinister intentions. This also has to be the scariest interpretation of Slender Man that I have seen so far. He has black spikes that contract from his back.

The special effects are impressive. The kill scenes, intense. Yessenia Rivas and Laura Guzman do fantastic work at showing their pain and distress. The cast does a good job especially that of Tomas Bergland. His performance of Alto is amazing.

Although Lets Play Dead Girl has an intimidating and scary story, the film itself is not that scary. Rather, it succeeds more with the psychological aspect and seeing these young girls going to great lengths to bring Alto to life.

DecayMag.com. Christian Alexander Morán. Lets Play Dead Girl

3. In Conclusion

Lets Play Dead Girl takes a true-life event and spins it in this short film adaptation. Director Christian Alexander Morán does a great job in executing this. The cast follows the story up with good performances. The special effects are great.

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