Lighthouse, The: Drama, Thriller A Slow Boiler

Lighthouse, The Film Review Details Chris Crow, Paul Bryant, Michael Jibson, The Lighthouse

Director: Chris Crow

Writer(s): Chris Crow, Paul Bryant, Michael Jibson

Release Date: July 6, 2018

Release Format: Cinemas

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Thriller

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Based on the infamous Smalls Island Incident of 1801 ‘The Lighthouse’ follows Thomas Howell and Thomas Griffith’s disastrous posting to Smalls Island Lighthouse to ‘keep the light’ 25 miles from land and surrounded by the deadly Irish sea. The men are stranded in a freak storm that rages for months, nothing short of an act of God. The film tells a tale of death, madness and isolation; a desolate trip into the heart of human darkness.


The Lighthouse has released on July 6, 2018 in select theaters, and on VOD on July 10, 2018. The film is directed by Chris Crow. Co-Written by Paul Bryan and Michael Jibson. Produced by Angel Grace Worldwide.

The Cast

Mark Lewis Jones……Thomas Griffiths

Michael Jibson……Thomas Howell

Thomas Griffiths and Thomas Howell are two lighthouse keepers, who find themselves stranded during a torrential storm that keeps them locked away and fighting to survive each day. The longer they’re trapped with minimal resources and necessities, the harder it is for them to cope. Soon, they find themselves, not only at war with the elements, but with their minds as they descend into madness.

Crow’s, The Lighthouse, based on the chilling count of the Smalls Lighthouse Incident that took place in 1801. Thomas Griffith and Thomas Howell, as in the film, were also the two lighthouse keepers that faced this tragedy in the lighthouse that’s stationed on a small island 20 miles west of Wales. For more information on the story, visit

The tragedy of Smalls Lighthouse Chris Crow, Paul Bryant, Michael Jibson, The Lighthouse


The Lighthouse does a great job at capturing the story and the essence of the fateful incident that inspired the film adaptation. This story, although long and drawn out, builds, offering chills to the viewer in certain events. The scare here is psychological as you witness Mr. Griffiths and Mr. Howell traumatized to the point of no return. This depiction of battle with man against the elements.

It’s refreshing and invigorating that the plot sticks to the true events. Most productions venture off into their own path. This is not the problem here. The problem with this technique is that these films wander so far off from the original story it becomes a different story and film. Crow does well to stay on the main course and to not stray so far off that the viewer cannot distinguish the compare and contrast.

Mark Lewis Jones and Michael Jibson put on performances that deserve a standing ovation. The audience can connect with these characters on an emotional level because their performances are genuine. This is the work of actors who treat their roles with seriousness and do the background research and work needed to bring their characters to life on the screen.

In Conclusion

The Lighthouse is an intense Drama, Thriller that can linger in certain scenes. However, the story is captivating and is one audience will be remembered long after the film ends. Crow, Bryant, and Jibson work together to deliver one of the most psychological enticing films I’ve seen with a chilling backstory to complement Chris Crow, Paul Bryant, Michael Jibson, The Lighthouse


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