Lord Of Tears, Lawrie Brewster: Film Review

Lord Of Tears: Film Details DecayMag.com. Lawrie Brewster, Sarah Daly, HX Media, Dark Dunes Productions. Lord Of Tears

Director: Lawrie Brewster

Writer: Sarah Daly

Release Date: October 25, 2013 (UK)

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Drama, Horror

Running Time: 1 Hour, 40 Minutes


Lord of Tears tells the story of James Findlay, a school teacher tortured by childhood memories of a strange and unsettling entity – a long-limbed figure in a Victorian tail suit… with the head of an owl.

As James faces a descent into madness, his only hope to fight his tormentor and banish the evil that haunts him, is to return to his childhood home. He travels to the lonely mansion in the Scottish Highlands, a place notorious for its tragic and disturbing history. There, he must uncover, once and for all, the chilling truth behind the immortal stalker.


Euan Douglas portrays James Findlay a man plagued with dark visions. The creepy nightmares stem from past traumatic event. To find the significance of his dreams mean, Findlay travels to his childhood home.

At the isolated mansion in the Scottish Highlands, the place he calls home he meets Eve Turner. Turner is a bright and lively woman filled with hopes and dreams of leaving the town and going to Paris. She becomes the high point of his visit when she volunteers to help Findlay solve his troubles.

Findlay begins to have visions of Moloch. This is the name of a mysterious figure that has the head of an owl. Moloch claims to be the lord of all sacrifice, suffering, and all things eternal. Moloch leads Findlay to discover the real reason he returned to his childhood home. The creature also hints on the nightmarish visions haunting Findlay’s mind.

This leads to a startling discovery with dire consequences.

Moloch is the ancient pagan God of child sacrifice. One of the practices of the cult that worshiped Moloch was to sacrifice their children. In some passages the reference is clearly to a deity to whom human sacrifice was made.

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DecayMag.com. Lawrie Brewster, Sarah Daly, HX Media, Dark Dunes Productions. Lord Of Tears

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Lord Of Tears has a fantastic plot incorporating evil deities and biblical references. Writer Sarah Daly does an amazing job developing these components.

Daly collaborated with Director Lawrie Brewster. Brewster’s direction and execution of this story are successful and phenomenal. This execution results in a creative and innovative contribution to the Horror cinema.

The cinematography throughout the majority of the film is dark. There are also stretches of brightness and illuminating color tones. Cinematographer Gavin Robertson is very successful in developing the scenes.

The film becomes perceived as an alternation of nightmarish and dream-like visions. At one point, it’s like watching an unraveling nightmare. On the other end of the spectrum, it’s like watching a dream unfold. A spectacular array of dark and light soundscapes and melodies accompany this approach. Sound recordist David Ross along with Musicians Andy McDonald and Craig Sutherland do an exceptional job in this process. Every sound unfolds each scene, vision, and nightmare with success.

The entire cast put on great performances in their roles. Actor David Schofield portrays Moloch, The Owl Man. Schofield is exceptional in giving a tone of darkness and depravity to the character. He thrives on making this character creepy and chilling.

Actor Alexandra Nicole Hulme also does an exceptional job. Hulme has two images to portray. One is the bright and hopeful person who sees the good and beauty in everything. The second act for Hulme is a dark and cold person, someone filled with vengeance. She acquires both personalities well.

DecayMag.com. Lawrie Brewster, Sarah Daly, HX Media, Dark Dunes Productions. Lord Of TearsIn Conclusion

Religious deities have been the center of Horror films for quite some time. Films with religious and demonic themes is a wide category traveled. Lawrie Brewster’s Lord Of Tears is one of those rare gems that gets the concept right.

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