Lunch Ladies, Dishes Out Bullying as Social Commentary

Lunch Ladies Film Review Details J.M. Logan, Clarissa Jacobson. Lunch Ladies

Director: J.M. Logan

Writer: Clarissa Jacobson

Release Date: August 13, 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Comedy, Horror

Running Time: 19 Minutes


For the past twenty years, obsessed Johnny Depp fans and fraternal twin sisters, Seretta and LouAnne Burr, have shared a miserable existence as high school lunch ladies serving up rubbery chicken parts, ammonia-treated government meat and whatever else the cash-strapped national lunch program sends their way. This year is going to be different: The twin’s Cheesy Burger Bites recipe is the Grand Prize Winner of Johnny Depp’s Cook for Kid’s Charity Event. Convinced this is their ticket out of high school hell town and that “The Depper” will hire them to be his very own Personal Chefs, their dreams are shattered after a snotty head cheerleader pushes them one step too far. This forces the Lunch Ladies to ask themselves – WWJD? What would Johnny do?


Lunch Ladies screened at the Nightmares Film Festival, where it has won Best Horror Comedy, and Atlanta Horror.

The Cast

Donna Perioni – Seretta

Mary Manofsky – LouAnne

Lunch Ladies centers two lunch ladies who obsessed with Johnny Depp and dreams of being his personal chefs. They receive a congratulatory letter stating that their dish won the grand prize of them being able to have their dreams come true. However, not without a struggle beforehand. An incident with Alexis (Daisy Kershaw), a student who bullies Seretta and LouAnne, turns out with drastic events and desperate measures to cover it J.M. Logan, Clarissa Jacobson. Lunch Ladies


Lunch Ladies is fresh, fun, and innovative. Seretta and LouAnne are victims of bullying at the school. They obsess over Johnny Depp and the chance to become his personal chefs. Soon their dreams are about to come true. Until an unintended event happens. This following Seretta losing her cool when she’s tempted and harassed by Alexis. The aftermath of this leads to a grave mistake. Now Seretta and LouAnne must come up with a solution to correct it. They ask themselves: “What would Johnny Do?” Lunch is an instant winner today. Their dreams fulfilled. Everyone is winning. Well, maybe not everyone.

Clarissa Jacobson’s story for Lunch Ladies is groundbreaking. She takes two witty characters and put them in an even wittier scenario. Donna Perioni and Mary Manofsky are exceptional at these roles. Protagonists turned antagonists at the event their sanity blown through the J.M. Logan, Clarissa Jacobson. Lunch Ladies

A fun, upbeat musical score plays in the background throughout the duration of the film. This turns it into an entertaining cinematic experience. It also serves as a comical twist on the violence, which is brutal and gory when you think about it. Likewise, this has a domino effect on the special effects.

In Conclusion

Lunch Ladies, a dark and crude film that becomes bright and comical. Writer Clarissa Jacobson excels with the story and characters. Director J.M. Logan triumphs in the delivery, making dark and morbid humor work at its finest. J.M. Logan, Clarissa Jacobson. Lunch Ladies


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