Madame In Black, Atmospheric Horror Redefines Urban Legend Theme

Madame In Black, The, Film Details Jarno Lee Vinsencius, JLV Pictures. Madame In Black

Director: Jarno Lee Vinsencius

Writer: Jarno Lee Vinsencius

Release Date: February 28, 2017 (Sweden)

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Short

Running Time: 24 minutes


After playing the infamous urban legend game “Madame in Black”, Alex and his sister, Sarah, experience the wrath of the evil witch Madame in Black.


The Madame In Black, also known as Svarta Madam has released in February in Sweden. The Short Horror film is directed by Jarno Lee Vinsencius, who also writes the script as well as directs the cinematography. Erik Hoff is the Sound Recordist. Ellinor Rosander the makeup artist and special effects. Produced by JLV Pictures.

The cast stars

  • Demis Tzivis
  • Ellinor Rosander
  • Ida Gyllensten
  • Jennica Landén
  • Kase Chlopecki

The film has already won a wide range of awards. For more information, visit:



The Madame in Black will release in the festival circuit sometime this month. No confirmation yet on the official release date.
The film recounts the tale of Countess Kristina Benediktsdotter. Countess Benediktsdotter received punishment for witchery and murder. She later became an urban legend. If you say her name three times in front of a mirror, she appears.
Fast forward to the Present Day. Friends Alex and Emma are in their early-to-mid 30’s. The duo recalled their experiences as adolescents attempting the urban legend myth. Actor Demis Tzivis portrays Alex with actress Ida Gyllensten in the role of Emma.
Alex confesses that he thought he saw something all those years ago. Yet he passed it off as his mind playing tricks on him. Alex and Emma and their partners attempt the game with unexplained results to follow.
Alex and Emma have to decide whether the urban legend is true, or if they are hallucinating. Jarno Lee Vinsencius, JLV Pictures. Madame In Black



Director Jarno Lee Vinsencius’ take on this foreign Urban Legend is very chilling. In twenty-three brief minutes, the film captures the viewer. The production makes feels as if you’ve watched a two-hour-long feature film. This is a few short films can master.

In this short amount of time, Vinsencius doesn’t abandon the necessary backstories. These essentials help connect with the characters. This is one vital component that feature length films neglect to achieve.

The story is amazing. It’s familiar; a story that you’ve heard many times in other iterations. Yet, it still succeeds at being its own unique entity. This is another art that a lot of filmmakers and directors have a hard time mastering.

For one, this is my first time seeing a Swedish-based Urban Legend. Secondly, I can see the similarities in like-minded tales, such as Bloody Mary, Deer Woman, and Candyman. Every component about Vinsencius’ tale is still new and refreshing. Jarno Lee Vinsencius, JLV Pictures. Madame In Black

In Conclusion

The Madame in Black looks takes inspiration from well-known urban legends. Of course, there have been countless urban legends introduced throughout the decades. Yet, the aforementioned tales are the most immediate that comes into play here.

Films and documentaries based on Urban Legends are on heavy rotation lately. These productions are making a huge imprint in the Horror circuit. These tales are chilling. The fact that some of these tales have a basis on true events make it psychologically impactful.



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