Mama’s Boy: When The Love For Your Mother Is The Most Powerful

Mama’s Boy. Film Details.Mama's Boy,, Samantha KolesnikMama's Boy,, Samantha KolesnikMama's Boy,, Samantha Kolesnik

Director: Samantha Kolesnik

Writer: Samantha Kolesnik

Release Date: 2018

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short

Running Time: 11 mins

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In a world where we’re told nobody will love you as much as your mother does, who will ever love Joshua?


Mama’s Boy Is a short film written and directed by Samantha Kolesnik. Samantha wrote a few articles here in DecayMag. She is the co-creator of Women In Horror Festival and her work has been very well received around the world. Mama’s Boy is her last project and definitely her strongest one.


Malcolm Mills as Joshua
Kara Vedder as Catherine
Nathan Ludwig as Burke
Jaysen P. Buterin as Mick
Hope Bikle as Mama
Bryan Michael Dickerson as Neighbor

Mama's Boy,, Samantha KolesnikImpressions

Mama’s Boy could be the definition in video-form of a disturbed human being. Joshua played superbly by Malcolm Mills, is a portrayal of a young man’s descent into obscurity, after the death of his mother. His quest for satisfaction, affection, and attention extends beyond boundaries, baring himself into a world of humiliation.

Mills is a brilliant actor, and he delivers every single scene with energy, intensity, and devotion for art. Kolesnik is a gifted filmmaker and I’m so fortunate I had the chance to watch her latest work. I’m now a fan and I’m totally devoted to her passion for filmmaking. She manages to reproduce art into video-form with a smooth narrative, beautifully illustrated by the amazing cinematography, the elegant environment, and camerawork.

The last shot of the film when the credits start to roll might leave you breathless and in shock; not merely by the visual image itself, but specifically of how extreme the film gets by the minute. It starts strong and concludes with a bang. That last picture is the most authentic representation of motherhood and it’s brilliantly placed on the screen. I feel that the environment is roughly as essential and powerful as the actual characters and story.

Mama's Boy,, Samantha Kolesnik

This is what true horror should feel like. Joshua turns out to be a spirit we might fear in the future. He brings darkness in his eyes and Mills delivers his lines so wonderfully you can almost feel his breathing in your skin. My skin crawled more times that I can expect and if this isn’t important, I don’t know why we do or watch movies. Art should be challenging, original and impressive to the audience. Filmmaking should be entertainment and should stay in your mind for a period of time. A great movie and a compelling story do that most of the time. Kolesnik excelled in every aspect, Mama’s Boy is definitely breathing all of these qualities.

Sometimes to create a violent narrative on paper and on screen, we don’t need monsters or killers in the mix; we can always just have intense cinematography and an appetite for detail. Kolesnik created beautifully the story of a fallen angel… Its rawness reminded me of a Portuguese movie called Fantasma, even though Mama’s Boy’s esthetic is more sophisticated.

In Conclusion

Mama’s Boy isn’t for everybody, it’s an adult disturbing piece of art wrapped in a tragic story. Kolesnik delivers a twisted tale and I’m pretty sure that fans of the film will appreciate it.Mama's Boy,, Samantha Kolesnik


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