Man Underground Emotional Riveting UFO Themed Sci-Fi

Man Underground Film Michael Borowiec Sam Marine Man Underground


Michael Borowiec


Michael Borowiec

Sam Marine

Release Date:

July 14, 2017

August 15, 2017

Release Format:

Limited US Theaters

Video-on-Demand and DVD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Drama, Sci-fi

Running Time: 95min


A reclusive conspiracy theorist enlists people from his small town to help him make a low-budget movie about his experience encountering aliens while working as a geologist for the US government.


Willem Koda (George Basila) is a retired geologist who worked for the federal government and is now an alien theorist who set out to expose the truth of extraterrestrial existence. During his journey of documenting to expose the truth, he gains help from a local waitress, Flossie (Pamela Fila) and a young family friend Todd Muckle (Andy Rocco). As the team works together bizarre truths are being witnessed and the future of mankind is questioned. Michael Borowiec Sam Marine Man Underground


My favorite aspect of Man Underground is the originality of the story and how subtle and engaging the plot is. The film had an easy, real to life pace of showing who each character is and what their journey was. I appreciate the story telling by Borowiec and Marine. The performances by George Basil, Pamela Fila, and Andy Rocco are stellar. They were three different personas but the chemistry flowed and allowed the story to unravel. Basil as Willem Koda did a fantastic job portraying his unique character described as uneasy, unyielding, and straightforward yet caring.

Man Underground was shot in a peaceful, beautiful small town in upstate New York. The town provided the perfect backdrop for the film. Scenes with low light were illuminated and continued to set a welcoming mood for the characters and the audience. Cinematographer Maximilian Lewin did a spectacular job of visually painting the film with eye captivating angles and lighting. The practical effects were very few but very worthy. A great job was done in revealing some on-screen actions to look real life.

The musical score was subtle but an added factor in pushing the story’s mood forward and engaging emotionally with the audience. Another detail I appreciated was the set design. A very good job was done designing the different filming locations and really added to the realness of the film. Michael Borowiec Sam Marine Man Underground

In Conclusion

My viewing experience with Man Underground is memorable! I have to say this movie is worth a second view within the same week. Excellent in storytelling, the film didn’t need to have a scare factor but there were a few moments where I got jumpy and it was perfect.

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95 %
90 %
Originality / Redefining
90 %
95 %
Practical Effects
90 %
Scare Factor
80 %
90 %
Special Effects
95 %
Viewing Experience
95 %
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