Marian Powerful Tale On Family, Tradition With Added Revenge

Marian Film Details Brian Patrick Lim Sundeep Bhathal Levi San Luis Marian

Director: Brian Patrick Lim


Brian Patrick Lim

Sundeep Bhathal

Levi San Luis

Release Date:

October 2017

Release Format:

Film Festivals / Online Crypt TV

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short/Horror

Running Time: 13min

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There’s a haunting in the house. However, things are not what they seem. Marian soon finds out that the haunting in the household is more familiar than she thinks.



Posted by Crypt TV on Monday, October 16, 2017


Marian is a Filipino short film directed by Brian Patrick Lim and written by Lim alongside Sundeep Bhathal and Levi San Luis, who flawlessly tells the story of Marian, a little girl who for a long time has repressed her anger towards her aunt and how that escalates with a supernatural twist.


Astarte Abraham….Mother/Aunt

Paw Aya Bugarin….Creature

Johanah Basanta….Marian

Marian can now be watched online via Crypt TV. Brian Patrick Lim Sundeep Bhathal Levi San Luis Marian


Crypt TV has now a huge amount of short films in their database that are most powerful and engaging either on scares or on cinematography. Marian is one of the cases and it englobes both elements. It’s been a while since I was terrified watching a short. Marian has all the ingredients to work and nails them in every way possible. Brian Patrick Lim explores an existential concept with a mix of supernatural, a new way of creating storytelling and engaging the viewer. This is what I love about cinema, we can intertwine different stories together, fears and real problems with fiction and horror and create a perfect combination of both worlds. Marian works that way and delivers great cinematography, storytelling, performances and special effects.

Johanah Basanta brings honesty, fierceness, and innocence to the screen with an amazing tour de force performance. The chemistry between both Basanta and Astarte Abraham as daughter mother and niece and aunt was palpable and felt real in every scene.
The cinematography pays a lot of importance in this short since we’re always inside the house with the characters. The colors are warm and the ambiance is really dark sometimes, creating a world of discomfort where everything seems perfect at the beginning.
I can’t really explore details of the story without spoilers so I won’t say much about it other than it really needs to be watched from beginning to end. Brian Patrick Lim Sundeep Bhathal Levi San Luis Marian

The monster that appears sometime near the end of the film and the confrontation between it and Marian is one of the most important moments of the film. A lot of creepiness in this scene and a beautiful work of visual special effects and sound effects that kept me unease and eerie while watching it. The supernatural presence is really well done with a lot of prosthetics involved.

I loved the ending of the film, especially for the raw and emotional release from the young Marian. What a powerful moment. Really makes you think how bullies affect you over time and in all your life experience basically. I was bullied when I was younger and Marian definitely brought back some memories and sensations that I haven’t felt in a long time. I’m happy young Marian had the opportunity to let it all out and face her fears. It’s such an important theme and a powerful one. Brian Patrick Lim Sundeep Bhathal Levi San Luis Marian

In Conclusion:

Marian is a well shot creepy little film, with a beautiful cinematography, storytelling and powerful performances from both lead actresses. I was impressed by how much the film scared me and at the same time made me think about life, emotions, and bullying. It’s an original concept and it explores how much we understand our emotions and how they can grow in disproportion if we don’t share or decide to face our fears. A must see.



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