Massacre On Aisle 12 Film Details Jim Klock, William Mark McCullough Chad Ridgely, A.J. Via Massacre on Aisle 12



Release Date:

5 November 2016

7 February 2017 

Release Format: 

Film Festivals


MPAA Rating: R

Genre: Comedy Horror

Running Time: 83 minutes


A hardware store employee’s first night on the job is disrupted by the discovery of a dead body and a duffel bag full of cash.


This is one of those films you think it will be awful by looking at the poster and it surprises you, big time. Massacre on Aisle 12 is a fun roller coaster and every fan of Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil or Shaun of The Dead will enjoy this low budget film. Both directors and Co-writer Chad Ridgely are members of the cast.

It’s Christmas Eve and Dave (Michael Buonomo) starts his first day on a new job at Mr. Beaver’s hardware store. After some rather strange introductions to his eccentric Co-workers by the assistant’s manager Jack (Chad Ridgely), he soon realizes that his first day won’t be as smooth and easy as he thought… They discover a dead body with a duffel bag full of cash and they have to decide what they’ll do… the right thing or grab the money and run?

Massacre on Aisle 12 is now on DVD and VOD on Amazon since February 2017. Jim Klock, William Mark McCullough Chad Ridgely, A.J. Via Massacre on Aisle 12


I must praise the writing and the acting on the comedy level. It worked 90% of the time. I was laughing my ass off, and that was fresh and unexpected. The film started strong with great pace and atmosphere, the part where we meet for the first time all the Co-workers, the way it was filmed and written worked out pretty well. The performances were what you could expect for a film of this caliber. They were overacting and some cheesy moments, but you forget about it because you’re having fun most of the time. A little reminder of the score from Brooke DeRosa, great job keeping in soft and intriguing. Actually, it definitely has a deeper impact with the visuals after watching the film a second time Jim Klock, William Mark McCullough Chad Ridgely, A.J. Via Massacre on Aisle 12


Although the laughs and overall an entertaining time, Massacre on Aisle 12 has its flaws. Due to low budget there were limitations on practical effects and some technical difficulties… The editing was a little rough on some scenes, a fresh point of view from the director but I felt that this film needed arrangements to entice the comic relief of it.

The cinematography felt flat during the second and third act of the film where we, the viewer feel stranded on a basement and an office. The worst piece of decor was the office, it needed decorations or different lighting to keep it more mysterious. Two things we are hoping for in a film of this genre are crazy death scenes and over-the-top suspense, but Massacre on Aisle 12 isn’t creative in scares. I sense production urged to keep the comedy and the gore, but the horror felt left out. I enjoyed the film but I wasn’t scared once and that was disappointing… Maybe next time? Jim Klock, William Mark McCullough Chad Ridgely, A.J. Via Massacre on Aisle 12

In Conclusion 

If you’re into comedy, you should definitely check this film out. For the horror part, it wasn’t that much explored as I hoped it would be, but there’s blood and some gore, don’t worry. Massacre on Aisle 12 is a great moment to share with friends with some pizza and alcohol.

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