Mercy Christmas, A Gift Wrapped Horror Surprise

Mercy Christmas Film Details Beth Levy Nelson, Ryan Nelson Mercy Christmas

Director: Ryan Nelson

Writer: Beth Levy NelsonRyan Nelson

Release Date:  November 28th, 2017

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: TV-MA

Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror

Running Time: 1h 23min


When Michael Briskett meets the perfect woman, his ideal Christmas dream comes true when she invites him to her family’s holiday celebration. Dreams shattered, Michael struggles to survive once he realizes HE will be Christmas dinner.


Mercy Christmas is a jolly hodgepodge of various film genres working in unison. Using the metaphor of a family get together for a holiday dinner seems fit to illustrate how Action, Comedy, and Horror make Ryan Nelson’s directorial work a pleasant viewing. The film can best sum as a quirky Horror film with its low-key practical effects and amusing elements. There are many features that set this production apart from other holiday-themed horror films. I appreciated that the narrative had a ground to reality base to it. There aren’t any killer santas or supernatural driven snowmen.

Mercy Christmas has originality written into every phase of the script. Films that reveal similar topics such as this are scarce. Therefore it is clear to state that Nelson’s production is redefining this sub-genre in Horror cinema. Beth Levy Nelson, Ryan Nelson Mercy Christmas

Each character portrait had an authentic sense to them and this is due to the acting talent of the performers. Steven Hubbell is a figure many in the audience can relate to. Hubbell’s portrays the role of Michael Briskett an underappreciated workaholic with an absent social life. Moviegoers have observed in some context character such as this. It is tough to set aside select actors for the spotlight. Cole Gleason conveys a wonderful villain to convey hatred towards. Gleason does such a marvelous role of being a son of a bitch, Andy Robillard. The observer is restless to see him fall into an unfortunate demise.

My only negative is seeing an absence of attention on Whitney Nielsen‘s role as Katherine. Am a tremendous admirer of dominant female roles. Nielsen’s role felt arrested back to allow Briskett’s role to monopolize the stage. It would have been nice to watch a shared journey even if at a sidekick aspect with Nielsen’s character.

The practical effects were suppressed but were gory when displayed. With the aid of clever camera work, most scenes of brutality were implied instead of revealed. That’s not to suggest that Mercy Christmas does not consist of episodes of Horror. Connoisseurs of carnage will be pleased to discover sufficient acts of dismemberment and torture
Mercy Christmas lacks in the scare factor department. Yet, the film is not a construct of dedicated spectacles of terror. Beth Levy Nelson, Ryan Nelson Mercy Christmas

In Closing

Ryan Nelson did fantastic work behind the camera. I was most pleased with Nelson’s choice to use suggestive imagery instead of opting for in-your-face gore. This approach builds on the psychological aspect of the film. When it comes to Comedy/Horror hybrids am a tough customer. Mercy Christmas delivers in every area to these genres in a thorough and entertaining way. 

Mercy Christmas is a must-see for this holiday season Beth Levy Nelson, Ryan Nelson Mercy Christmas



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