Metaslash: Great Concept, Underdeveloped Plot

Metaslash: Film Details, Sotiris Petridis, Dimitris Tsakaleas, Metaslash

Director(s): Sotiris PetridisDimitris Tsakaleas

Writer(s): Sotiris Petridis, Dimitris Tsakaleas

Release Date: July 29, 2018

Release Format: Horror Convention

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Short

Running Time: 3 min 20 sec


A boy is home alone, scrolling through his social media. A killer is on the loose. The evening quickly takes a turn for the worse in what is a horror film about online privacy and how easy it is to track somebody down through popular social media habits and apps that are meant to keep you safe.


Met@slash released on July 29, 2018, at the Midsummer Scream Halloween and Horror Convention. Sotiris Petridis and Dimitris Tsakaleas present an intriguing Short Horror production with a clever concept. Yet, it has an underdeveloped plot.

The Cast

Nathan Beasel……Nathan Beasel

Apostolos Kolitsas……Nick

Aggelos Georgiadis……Emojiface, Sotiris Petridis, Dimitris Tsakaleas, MetaslashImpressions

Met@slash has a simple pitch. Nick is browsing online when a video of Nathan Beasel comes up prompting people to take a picture of what they are doing and post it in the comments. Nick realizes that his phone is not near him, so he searches for it. It is where he’d least expect it to be.

This pitch plays out over the course of about 3 minutes. There wasn’t enough time for the plot to build, so there is a lot to question here in terms of the story. The makeup of the killer is straightforward but clever. Emoji face is a creative character, and this can develop more.

There is an eerie background score that heightens the creep factor of the film at key points. This builds adrenaline as the viewer prepares for what may or may not happen. As we know, these theatrical scores can be subliminal for the main event about to take, Sotiris Petridis, Dimitris Tsakaleas, Metaslash

In Conclusion

Met@slash has a promising concept, yet it lacks story and character development. Social Media has gotten a limelight for murky waters and dangerous territory in Horror cinema. There is a message hidden behind the entertainment that can hit close to home. That’s what makes this a marketable arena in the day and age where technology has taken the center stage.

Yet, Petridis and Tsakaleas’ production doesn’t hold a candle to like-minded productions, such as Tara Subkoff‘s #HorrorLevan Gabriadze‘s Unfriended, and Michael Goi‘s Megan Is, Sotiris Petridis, Dimitris Tsakaleas, Metaslash


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