Michael Coulombe’s Psychological Horror; Ax -Film Review


Michael Coulombe Presents A Provoking Psychological Thriller with Ax

Michael Coulombe; Director, Writer DecayMag.com Michael Coulombe Ax

Release Date: April 2015

Release Format: YouTube

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short, Horror, Thriller  


Explores one man’s decent into madness. His poor wife is waiting for him at the bottom.



Ax chronicles a man named James as he tumbles within a downward spiral. Madness consumes him as if it were a sinister entity. Internal strife becomes the centerpiece to Michael Coulombe’s Horror Short film.  Marita Gomsrud and Todd James Jackson star in Ax.

DecayMag.com Michael Coulombe Ax


The Horror short; Ax offers a rich in a narrative that is both terrifying and engaging. Presented is a story structure based on the man versus himself construct. Within the allocated time the viewer clings to the narrator’s every word. Good and evil engage. As the film progresses the stronger opponent begins to manifests itself. Metaphors are presented through audio and visuals. Each cue is a piece to a grand picture of psychological horror.

The camera work is impressive. Director Michael Coulombe employs creative use of angles and focal points. The methods transform this macabre work of fiction seem real. Of particular interest is the delivery of the monologue. The viewer can feel the essence of conflict emanating from within the character’s soul. The words are intricate and formulated with a tortured prose. One can even describe the expression as a poetic interlude of violence.

The plot for the film Ax is open to many possibilities and interpretation. Questions linger after the end credits rollWhat is the reason behind his mental instability? What is the importance of the Ax?  What is a the core backstory?

DecayMag.com Michael Coulombe Ax

In conclusion:

Micheal Coulombe demonstrates the proper structure of an engaging Horror, Thriller. Ax is a refreshing contribution to the genre. Horror enthusiasts will be pleased to know that clichés do not have a supporting role in this film.

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