Murder Made Easy, Goes Retro With Suspense

Murder Made Easy Film Details David Palamaro, Tim Davis, Jessica Graham. Murder Made Easy

Director: David Palamaro

Writer: Tim Davis

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Thriller

Running Time: 1 Hour, 16 Minutes


Joan and Michael invite their dearest friends over for dinner to discuss the passing of Joan’s husband Neil. But as each guest arrives dark secrets are revealed and the main course turns out to be murder!

1. Overview

Murder Made Easy was featured in the Women of Horror Film Festival. Produced by David Palamaro, Tim Davis, and Jessica Graham.

The Cast

Christopher Soren Kelly – Michael

Jessica Graham – Joan

Daniel Ahearn – Damien

Sheila Cutchlow – Angela

Edmund Lupinski – Marcus

Paul A Rose Jr. – Henderson

Emilia Richeson – Cricket

Following the funeral of her husband, Neil, Joan and Michael arrange a meet and greet dinner with some of his closest friends and colleagues to have dinner and mourn his loss. Dinner quickly turns into an ill evening after secrets are revealed, giving Joan and Michael motive to eliminate the guests.

2. Impressions David Palamaro, Tim Davis, Jessica Graham. Murder Made Easy

Murder Made Easy has a plot with an amazing twist. Its said to be the “Horror version of Clue”, and I can identify that here. You have your hosts for the evening, Joan, and Michael. The purpose of the dinner is to talk, mourn, and share memories with some of Neil’s good friends. When secrets rise to the surface, things take a fatal turn.

The cast performances are superb. Michael Soren Kelly and Jessica Graham make great partners in crime team. Reminding me of Mickey and Mallory Knox from Natural Born Killers. They put up a great facade of showing their guests kindness and generosity with a great dinner and wine. But they have sinister intentions hidden beneath the surface, which these guests will soon find out. David Palamaro, Tim Davis, Jessica Graham. Murder Made Easy

The costume selections fit well with the subtlety and nature of the film. Business-casual dress for each character.
The special effects are convincing and the violence was artistic. There is not much of a jump scare here. It’s more suspenseful. The score is an ensemble of fun compositions. Some of them are upbeat, and some of them are more downbeat. The selections remind me of songs from an older decade era. It sounds like Classical music, which is a rather interesting choice for the tone of this film. Another movie that uses the same thought process is Rose Red.
The camera angles are appropriate here, being concentrated on the subject at hand.

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