Mute, A Color Green’s Soundless Display of Cruelty

Mute ,Film Details A Color Green. Mute

Director: A Color Green

Writer: A Color Green

Release Date: 2016

Release Format: Film Festivals, VHS

MPAA Rating: Mature

Genre: None listed

Running Time: 5 Minutes, 11 seconds


Danish star Albert Bendix leads A Color Green’s directorial debut as Mute Man, a tongue-chopping madman chasing three kids who stumble into his neck of the woods.

Overview A Color Green Mute

Mute released in 2016 in the film festival circuit to several companies.

The Film centers on a man who can not speak due to his severed tongue. A group of wanderers stumbled into his haunting grounds. Soon they become victims to his deranged ways.


A Color Green breaks ground with Mute. This film is effective and powerful in many ways. It plays a little over five (5) minutes, and it pulls you in from the start. Few short films have the ability to achieve this.

Except for the sound design, The film plays as a film is silent, so the bulk of the work falls on acting. The cast put forth a lot to captivate the audience. They do an exceptional job.

The story and plot are phenomenal. Mute is dark, crude, and straight to the point. A Color Green Mute


There is no development for each of the character’s back stories. Questions remain unanswered and this is the norm on a lot of short films. Yet, characters, it’s a crucial element to a story.

 A VHS version is to A Color Green’s Horror Thriller is available for purchase. For more information, visit:

Official Site





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