Nocturne Modernizes Horror Concept

Nocturne Film Stephen Shimek Katy Baldwin Kristi Shimek Nocturne

Director: Stephen Shimek


Katy Baldwin

Kristi Shimek

Stephen Shimek

Release Date: 2016

Release Format: To Be Announced

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror


Isaac and Vi intend to throw the greatest graduation party of all time while his parents are out of town. Instead, they are disappointed to find that only a handful of their friends show up. Intent of making the best of the night, the group performs a séance to learn more about the futures that lie before them. Unfortunately, the seemingly innocent game goes terribly wrong and they soon find that they are not alone in the house. Something has joined the party, and it wants them dead.


Evil as a predatory force is a recurring formula in supernatural Horror films. Although concepts may differ, central themes mirror in story or execution. The observation holds true with situations involving young adult characters and the supernatural. Redundancy over the years, over the decades, has numbed suspenseful effect.
If recollections serve correct, Kevin Tenney’s 1998 Horror film was the first to draft a premise that contains:

• A group of naive young adults contained at an exclusive location.

• Festive indulgences lead to a curious trek toward the supernatural.

• The conjuring of spirits channels grim results.

Template based narratives mar effective entertainment delivery. The many film incarnations leave audiences comatose much like the woman pictured below. Stephen Shimek Katy Baldwin Kristi Shimek Nocturne

Yet, this is not the case with Stephen Shimek’s Horror, Thriller; Nocturne. Spectacular acting coupled with striking visuals sets Nocturne in a class by itself. Shimek crafts originality to a story seen many times over. The film is a memorable thrilling experience.

Intensity opens for a tranquil Act I. Obvious chain of events unfold in the scenes that follow. Contained within the supernatural disturbance are proficient exhibitions of practical and special effects.

Nocturne at it’s core also delves on social commentary. A brief exchange between characters sets the stage. Presented is the classic battle between skeptic and believer of the unknown. It is during this debate that actions ignites an unforgettable evening.


Presented is a well-choreographed chemistry between each character. Time is given to each of their respected backstories. None of the figures have foundation on cliché structures. This detail is a refreshing attribute to the film.

The setting to Nocturne dwells within one locale. Clever camera work coupled with imaginative ambiance transform the abode into an inescapable labyrinth. The environment projects a life of its own. The atmosphere alludes that a new tone is presented.

Action sequences are intense. Audiences will not mind the reoccurring background. Viewers will become engrossed with horrific developments occurring at the forefront. In fact, the characters find themselves in a continuous engagement with survival. The dramatics are nail-biting and edge-of-your-seat inducing. In some Horror films, an actor may showcase a role above others. In Nocturne, the entire cast is exclusive.

The practical effects are defining. From self-inflicted wounds to demonic evidence, each display is eye-catching. The make-up designs are subtle. It is this approach that awards a sense of realism within the scene.

Brace yourselves, Nocturne is an account of the supernatural not to be missed. Stephen Shimek Katy Baldwin Kristi Shimek Nocturne

The writers for Nocturne were cautious not to emulate themes. While the production is well executed therein lies a recurring formula. The idea of naive people experimenting on the occult is as old as the Horror genre itself.

A cat and mouse chase between mortals and the force of evil dominate the film. After a while this engagement in the film becomes comical. In fact, scenes are best comparable with a particular animation series. The cartoon reference centers on a trope of mystery solving teens and their Great Dane mascot. Stephen Shimek Katy Baldwin Kristi Shimek Nocturne
In conclusion:

Nocturne is a fresh perspective on a familiar trend. The production is solid. Roles were expressed with fluidity and naturalness. Visual effects from its many sources worked in concert to accentuate the storytelling.

Nocturne delivers an intense viewing experience. The film caters to Horror enthusiasts and casual viewers of the genre.

At the moment Nocturne is circulating at film festivals Stephen Shimek Katy Baldwin Kristi Shimek Nocturne

Rating Score: 0-10 Avoid | 11-20 Mediocre | 21-30 Good | 31-40 Average | 41-50 Satisfactory | 51-60 Stunning | 61-70 Terrific | 71-80 Must See | 81-90 Amazing | 91-100 Impressive
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80 %
Originality / Redefining:
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50 %
Practical Effects
80 %
Scare Factor
30 %
Special Effects
30 %
Viewing Experience
80 %
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