Nocturne Keeps Audiences Confined to Plot

Nocturne Film Details Stephen Shimek Katy Baldwin Kristi Shimek Nocturne

Director: Stephen Shimek


Stephen Shimek

Kristi Shimek

Release Date: July 17, 2016

Katy Baldwn

Release Format: —

MPAA Rating: NR

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 1hr 30min


A girl running from her past is forced to confront her future when her friends perform an impromptu seance. Dirty secrets are revealed and an uninvited guest joins the party.

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Nocturne, Stephen Shimek Cast Modern Horror -Film Review


A group of friends gathers to celebrate a new chapter of their lives. Jo (Clare Niederuem) is facing a secret she tries to hide at all cost while Maren (Hailey Nebeker) has a side to herself that was unknown. Gabe (Jake Stormoen) leads an improvised ouija seance that rattles the dynamic between the group of friends including Liam (Colton Tran), Isaac (Darien Willarson), and Vi (Melanie Stone). Stephen Shimek Katy Baldwin Kristi Shimek Nocturne


The storyline for Nocturne was a fresh work of art. A Rubric’s cube of puzzling suspense. The originality of Nocturne left me speechless as the performance by the actors supported the unfolding of the plot. Writers Katy Baldwin, Kristi Shimek, and Stephen Shimek did an incredible job of building a screenplay that had dark references of magic, personal struggle, and a shocking ending.

Performances by Clare Niederpruem as Jo was organic at showing a troubled young woman and Hailey Nebeker as Maren whose presence in the film dominated. Nocturne has scare factor and the right amount to keep me on the edge of my seat and freaking out as the fate of everyone unraveled. The score, composed by Christian Davis and Reuven Herman, kept the mood together and gives a feeling of dread and deciding factor of the characters’ fate. Stephen Shimek Katy Baldwin Kristi Shimek Nocturne

For a low budget film, the cinematography wasn’t bad but some work was needed. I didn’t like the lighting during the first part of the film because it was more fit for the second half of the story. It had a very naturalistic tone that later becomes appreciated and adds to the horror. Director Stephen Shimek usage of Camera angles was done well throughout the film; I appreciated that! It captured the interaction well and kept me engaged during the high peaks of the film. The special effects had great moments and a few not great moments. Simple camera tricks did an exceptional job of bringing the actual magic tricks to life. Unfortunately, there is a scene where he was not good at all.

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