Old Man of the Rooks Lack Production Quality, Character Structure

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Release Date: 6 January 2018 (USA)

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes


When an ancient evil descends on Rookery Farm, a newlywed couple find out what “til death do us part” really means when they are visited by the Old Man of the Rooks.



Old Man of the Rooks presents a convoluted B-Movie model in orientation and execution. The synopsis hints at a sense of dread this due to Scarecrows being as frequent in Horror cinema as masked killers. With a priority on vengeance, the storyline to scarecrow themed Horror films almost parallel one another. Yet, it is the one hour and forty minutes running time of Old Man of the Rooks that induces apprehension. The film is an uncomfortable viewing for the observer to endure.

The opening minute to ACT I lure in the viewer. We’re intrigued by the gory visuals and are curious to know more on the backstory to the Scarecrow and accompanying villain. Yet, the scenes that follow drag with a nonsensical drawn-out structure and irrelevant conversations. It is surprising, the team of writers and directors yet no one could accomplish a decent scene into this film.

DecayMag.com Old Man Of The Rooks Wages Of Cine Films

It is crucial in an aggressive field in Horror cinema to stand out from the masses. With the scarecrow theme, there is a few shining classics that hold the test of time. With the overall mood, Old Man of the Rooks needed refinement and lots of work to develop the narrative and villain. This does not include the production value that has an amateurish feel. For the plot, the theme bears a primitive quality and does not entertain a complex sub-plot. The characters also lack structure, each conveys a flat purpose and the acting further cement an uninspiring approach. For instance, this will be the first time in Horror cinema history that a victim gets incapacitated by a neck rub. Why must the viewer sit through over ten minutes of jabber between a customer and a mechanic with only two sentences alluding to the plot? Why is the raven witch so stale with her dialogue? Inquiring minds want to know.

The special and/or creature costume design also drops below specifications of Horror norms. With the latter, it appears the production team chose everyday items to construct two threatening antagonizing forces. While there is nothing wrong with working on a budget it is the execution of creating some memorable. The production team should have put laid more attention on creating an exceptional killer scarecrow.

There is more to be expected with Old Man of the Rooks. From the cinematography to the camera work the spectator expects a sophisticated visual story. It is unfortunate we find no consolation until the ending credit rolls for this film.

DecayMag.com Old Man Of The Rooks Wages Of Cine Films

In conclusion

Old Man of the Rooks has an interesting premise on paper but the execution falls short at varying levels. Was this a comedy? Was it an homage to B-Movie cinema? Whatever the case may be Old Man of the Rooks do little to contribute to the classic scarecrow Horror theme.


  1. Not sure if you were aware the premise of the making of Old Man of the Rooks. It was a challenge that 12 different directors were chosen to participate in (One for each month of a calendar year) Each director had only 3 weeks to write, cast, film, edit and approximate 10 minute chapter installment. No one knew what other director’s would put together until the screening at the end of the month. Then, the next director’s name was drawn from a hat and they had to pick up the story from where it left off (not having prior knowledge until that night and the 3week time line started immediately. Hopefully this explains the differences in video quality throughout as there were a dozen different directors (1 per segment). This was filmed over the course of a full year and each director was allowed to put their own spin on the story line (hence the appearance of the Raven woman) and Many of the directors in this challenge were 1st timers. Saying all this just to give some background to how this “movie” came to be


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