Other Madnesses, A Psychological Thrilling Juggernaught Set On The Streets Of NYC

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Director: Jeremy Carr

Writer: Jeremy Carr

Release Date: March 21st, 2017

Release Format:

• Blu-Ray


• Video On Demand

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Running Time: 1h 42min


A reclusive tour guide becomes an unlikely vigilante when the dark underbelly of New York City is revealed through his dreams.


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New York city served as the backdrop for many mediums of story telling. From superhero adventures to callous gangsters tales are interwoven into this fine city. Filmmaker Jeremy Carr provides a spotlight on the negative aspects of New York City with Other Madnesses. As with any metropolis in the U.S., the crime rate is an ever present problem. Denizens often turn a blind eye to the subject. Instead, the populace opts to drown in social network programming.

Carr presents a story classifies under the man versus society conflict. The protagonist in Carr’s narrative is a mild-mannered individual. Yet, newfound abilities transmogrify the passiveness into aggressiveness.

Other Madnesses taps into the supernatural. Yet it is the psychological aspects that provide the bulk of reference. Other Madnesses is set to released on Video On Demand via Gravitas Ventures on March 21st, 2017.

DecayMag.com Jeremy Carr Other Madnesses


Other Madnesses does not offer much with visual effects. Practical and computer generated effects remain at the lowest end of the spectrum. Except for casual video filters, other enhancements are nonexistent. Steering away from these elements works well to preserve a sense of realism.

Critique Rundown


Originality / Redefining


Viewing Experience



Other Madnesses is story driven with a lead that connects well with audiences. The protagonist,         Ed Zimmer is successful in conveying his angst. His source of fury centers against the flaws of society. His manifesto is convincing and stirs more reason than debate from committed actions.

Social commentary is successful in presentation and it does not dwell on one topic. Most of the plot delves on unstable modern social structures. There’s also the exploration of spirituality and consciousness. With the latter subjects, each raises our necessity to adapt within.

Director, Writer Jeremy Carr incorporates supernatural elements into the film. Yet, the contribution to the narrative remains grounded in science rather than pseudoscience. Dreams, vision, whatever the term, these components play well into the overall theme.

To reinforce the storytelling are constructs of fine acting. This holds true with lead actor James Moles in his portrayal of Ed Zimmer. This role becomes the epicenter of the film. Actress Natia Dune serves as a counter balance to the developing turmoil. Dune’s performance is heartfelt. The character is passionate and has a purpose in the wicked world.

DecayMag.com Jeremy Carr Other Madnesses


Other Madnesses lack in certain areas of production. The stock of the film would’ve been higher if components had proper execution. In particular, the cinematography and accompanying soundtrack were lackluster.

DecayMag.com Jeremy Carr Other Madnesses
Other Madnesses Alternate Poster Art

The camera work is simplistic. Carr opted to use low camera angles throughout the film. This technique amplifies the physical and metaphorical stature of the character. Yet, implementing the constant use of this angle loses its intended effect. Also, the camera work was shaky. Purposeful or not this approach seems to give an amateurish feel to the film. It would have been preferable to have stabilized shots.

The soundtrack did not convey any feeling of dread or tension. In fact, the background music stood in the far distance in favor of dialogue sequences.

One issue is seeing the protagonist wearing the same set of clothes throughout the film. At one point the attire gets covered in blood only to be worn clean in the next scene. While this is not a continuity issue there has to be a reason why he never changes his clothes. There’s a missing part of the narrative emphasizing on the Ed’s acquired abilities. An in-depth view into the how’s and why’s would have reinforced his backstory.

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DecayMag.com Jeremy Carr Other Madnesses


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