Party Night, Encapsulates Highs and Lows of Classic Horror Slashers

Party Night Film Details Troy Escamilla Party Night

Director: Troy Escamilla

Writer: Troy Escamilla

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: Film Festival circuit

MPAA Rating:  N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 70 minutes


Six friends become prey for a sadistic psychopath when they decide to ditch their high school’s after prom party for their own celebration at a secluded house.


Party Night is the first feature film released under the Fright Meter Films banner. The film follows the recent trend in the Horror genre. As of late, upcoming indie production are paying homage to Horror visions of yesteryear.

Party Night Director, Writer Troy Escamilla concocted a medium with the classic Slasher formula. A group of reveling teens, a psychotic murderer, quirks, and gore compose the narrative.

Earlier this year a crowdfunding campaign was set up to acquire funding for Escamilla’s vision. Over the course of forty-four days, the campaign surpassed the goal of ten thousand five hundred dollars ($10,500). Twelve thousand two hundred eighty-one dollars was secured ($12,281). The donation filtered into the many facets of the production.

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Party Night encapsulated the hallmarks of classic slasher Horror films. The film presents an adequate tension-filled experience. The Kill scenes are bloody and imaginative. For a debut production, Party Night does well in maintaining the central theme. Troy Escamilla Party Night


The lack of continuity is a noticeable issue in Pary Night. The following documents some of the scenes in question.

Timestamp 07:35




Benson, (portrayed by Jimmy Phillips) speaks with John from his mobile phone. The device screen alternates displays. This is seen between close and medium shots. At one point the device rotates to the home screen. Hence, it becomes obvious there’s no one at the other end.


Timestamp 18:03




The teens drive up to their destination. The vehicle’s headlights illuminate a nearby room. Within sits the killer in wait. A light source is evident in the room. The combination of two light sources makes the figure noticeable through the uncovered window.


Timestamp 20:21 (Table)



The end table has a plate with half eaten (of what appears to be a) sandwich. Two coffee cups and a book are also on the table. The table sits next to a doorway.


Timestamp 23:10 (Table)


The end table is now positioned away from the doorway. Contents on top have seen a shift. The sandwich? It is gone.


Timestamp 27:24



Travis (portrayed by Billy Brannigan) is drinking out of a beer bottle. Between close and medium shots the label to the bottle changes from front to back. There are two distinct labels shown; Corona Lite and Red Stripe. Troy Escamilla Party Night

Timestamp 26:58



An empty, open styrofoam container is on the kitchen counter. Is the sandwich seen earlier and the container in the kitchen associated? Perhaps a crew member forgot to dispose of their trash?

There is also the issue of the light source.

Timestamp 21:34




The viewer will notice the ceiling fan providing the source of light. Yet, at the 23:27 timestamp the ceiling fan is off and there seems to be another light source. This second source is unexplainable since the light to the adjacent kitchen is off.


Timestamp 39:41





Someone enters the abode to spy on the group of unsuspecting friends. The group is distracted as they play cards. Yet, the mysterious person is in full view to the group.

Olivia (portrayed by Destinie Orndoff) sits at the center of the table. She can be seen looking at the direction of the invader.


Timestamp 39:38


Olivia now sits at the far corner next to her boyfriend, Andrew (portrayed by Ryan Poole).

The antagonist in every classic slasher film has a structured backstory. This element defines the purpose for homicidal tendencies. It is unfortunate the killer in Party Night is not defined at all. The antagonist is a faceless, baseless entity murdering teens with wanton.

The practical effects were unsatisfactory. Any sense of realism to these kill scenes are lost with poor make-up effects. With a keen look, the viewer can and will notice the edges of the prosthetic. This is the telltale sign that the prop was not blended well.

Also, in one scene the prosthetic was not completely painted. Thus, the texture of the prosthetic is obvious. Holes are also noticed from which the blood pours out from. Yet, it is a certain decapitation that provides to be the worst example of practical effects.

The camera work lacked stabilization. Angles were straightforward and captured the scenes with a basic approach. Some of the actors appear older than the character’s high school age bracket. Troy Escamilla Party Night

In conclusion:

Party Night despite production flaws maintain a Slasher concept. The portrayals and gore cements the feel of a classic Horror film.

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60 %
40 %
Originality / Redefining
60 %
40 %
Practical Effects
20 %
Scare Factor
5 %
Special Effects
5 %
Viewing Experience
30 %
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