Pool Party Massacre: Finds Comfort in Cliche Haven, Nevertheless An Entertaining Slasher

Pool Party Massacre: Film Details DecayMag.com, Drew Maverick, Pool Party Massacre

Director: Drew Marvick

Writer: Drew Marvick

Release Date: April 20, 2017

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Running Time: 1 hr 21 min

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What started out as a relaxing summer day by the pool for a group of high maintenance young socialites quickly becomes a nightmare when an unknown killer begins stalking and murdering them one by one.



Pool Party Massacre is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. The Comedy, Horror production is a fun-filled bloodbath that’s appreciated to complement the overwhelming amount of cheesy cliches that splash throughout this film.

Starting with a familiar, but a decent pitch, Pool Party Massacre has potential, but it’s drowned out with major cliches that are observed in just about every like-minded production. A group of friends gathers for a pool party. Their fun runs short when a psychopath stalks them and killing them one-by-one. A simple plot that is the basis for many teen scream slashers. In fact, this pitch is straightforward, so it’s a wonder how the production can fall, as many of them do.DecayMag.com, Drew Maverick, Pool Party Massacre


This review will focus heavily on cliches as this is the only area that hinders this production.

Cliche number one: rich girl problems. The main characters sit around in their bikinis the entire film. No problem here. It is a pool party. However, this has to be the most boring pool party ever. There’s music, there are alcohol, drugs, games, and fun. Not here. Just a small group of privileged young women sitting around in their bikinis with their fancy champagne, gossiping, having pointless conversations, bickering about nonsense, and too concerned about their tans and their hair to even take a dip in the pool. This is more equivalent to a sleepover without pajamas.DecayMag.com, Drew Maverick, Pool Party Massacre

Cliche number two: sex and nudity. That drives the Horror genre is annoying. Teen screams and slashers are famous for this. There always have to be a woman showing off her breasts, or a couple somewhere having sex.

Cliche number three: stupid choices. In Slasher films, the victims make questionable choices. This has gotten played out years ago; since the start of the 2000s. In earlier decades, it was acceptable for victims to trap themselves in different rooms of the house when they should get out of the house. It was acceptable for them to stab or shoot the killer one time and run away when they should make certain he’s dead. Now we have seen this countless times, it is time for a change.DecayMag.com, Drew Maverick, Pool Party Massacre

In the earlier decades, these decisions made the movie. There wouldn’t have been a story if the victim didn’t make that wrong turn, or if the victim heeded the warnings of the town’s crazy local shop owner. Nowadays, it is okay to have a solid production without these cliches to guide the story.

Cliche number four: the curse of jealousy strikes again. Every killer has to have a motive. Well, maybe not always, but there must be a reason for the madness. Otherwise, it’s pointless. Out of all the reasons to choose from, jealousy has to be one of the most annoying. It’s worse than having no real motive at all. Jealousy drives this beast.

In Conclusion

Pool Party Massacre has potential. Yet, the film finds it’s solitude in cliche haven and it never leaves. DecayMag.com, Drew Maverick, Pool Party Massacre


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