Prisma. A Dark Futuristic Cinematic Experience.

Prisma Film Details Coop Cooper, Prima

Director: Coop Cooper

Writer: Coop Cooper

Release Date: January 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Animation, Short, Fantasy

Running Time: 9 min


A corporate promotional VHS tape from 1984 conceals a brain-altering signal which is said to grant increased health, longevity and psychic powers to those who watch it. View at your own risk.


Prisma screened at the Nightmares Film Festival. It has a successful response in the film festival circuit, winning two awards for Best Experimental Film and Mississippi Film.

Prisma centers a mysterious VHS tape that documents services from a military-grade corporation that specializes in an optic lens manufacturing, biotech interfacing, infectious memetic transmission, and cognitohazard weaponization. The video then switches to a mental test that the viewers subjected to. This known as the Arcanum Signal test. After successful completion of the test, the participant promised increased health, prolonged life, improved memory, and extrasensory perception. This VHS tape corrupted with subliminal messages and terrifying figures. It is a cinematic nightmare.

The Cast Includes

Allen Brown – Monsters

Nathan Duff – Male Narrator

Lois B. Erwin – Female Narrator


Prisma has a scary, but an invigorating concept. This short film is unlike anything I have seen. It plays like a VHS tape that first shows footage and services from a corporation that services technology and weaponry. It cuts to a mysterious mental test that focuses on memory, sensory, and relaxation. The testing participant and viewer subjected to various subliminal symbols and messages that scatter throughout the test. The scariest part of all; there are sinister figures that appear. This is enough to startle the viewer.

The special effects and computer editing for this film enhance the scare factor within the viewer. It makes you feel you are in the experience. Almost like virtual reality. It’s also hypnotic in the sense it pulls you in with the subliminal messages, the strange figures, and the soothing, dreamscape score that sends you into a brief trans. This puts the participant at ease while instilling fear by introducing a dark realm and presence.

In Conclusion

Prisma, while terrifying, introduces a refreshing, innovative concept. It is a cinematic nightmare equipped with subliminal messages, hidden creatures, and soothing music. Director Coop Cooper makes a groundbreaking production. Coop Cooper, Prisma


  1. I saw this at the Horror Animation Fest in Milwaukee in April 2017 and it totally blew my mind. I’ve been talking about it ever since. I figure it’s still making the festival rounds, but, man, I can’t wait til I can get ahold of it.


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