Puppet, Zombie/Infection On Biblical Proportion

Puppet film Details DecayMag.com Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson Puppet

Director: Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson

Writer: Jeffery Potts

Release Date: 26 October 2016 (USA)

Release Format: YouTube

MPAA Rating:  N/A

Genre: Short/Horror

Running Time: 20min


An infection spreads among a group of friends that turns them into violent killers.



The creative minds of PROco PROduction coMPANY are back. In their latest offering, the collective have ventured into a Horror classic concept, zombies.

Puppet showcase another unique direction for the production team. Each short film delves into different Horror subgenre. From a serial killer concept to the supernatural PROco PROduction coMPANY produces quality entertainment.

With Puppet, zombies/ infection is the central theme.

DecayMag.com Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson Puppet


The definitive highlight for Puppet will have to be the practical effects. Spectacles of carnage make its presence know within the latter part of the film. It is at this stage that Puppet shines. It is unfortunate that violence and gore did not have dominance throughout the film. According to IMDB the makeup consists of the following talent;

Alex Chrissinger … makeup artist
Desi Delaluna … special makeup effects artist
Haley JoAnna … head of SFX make-up: Key SFX Make-Up

Presented in Act III are tension and raw human emotion. These are moments that define horror films. Horror enthusiasts can appreciate the unfolding sequence of events. The action when provided the platform, develop fast.

Each of the portrayals excels at this point. Presented are the common traits of a life and death scenario. Fear, hysterical confusion, and combative nature emerge. The B-movie characteristics to these portrayals are minuscule. Yet, for the astute viewer, the random display of this trait are noticeable.

The cast are as follows;

Berna Roberts  Alice DeMarco
Tara Cardinal  Emery
Leah Ann Cevoli  Telia Lutton
Matt Jayson  Emmett
Jeffery Potts  Jeremy Lutton
Ryan Demarest  Dan DeMarco

The cinematography has sharpness in composition. There were shots that were superior more than others. Each scene offers well-developed ambiance and creative points of view. Once again, Act III is the decisive point. The camera work captures the carnage with flawlessness. Key shots supply the viewer with a sense of anxiety.

DecayMag.com Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson Puppet


Act I and Act II provide the central theme of the film. The narrative revolves around organized religious beliefs. A group of friends converges for a weekend bible study. Strife between Emery and her peers serve as the conflict. Yet, the story did little to filter into the theme, zombies.

The source of the infection has a presentation with a casual approach . The character Dan DeMarco awards a simple backstory to the source material. From there the audience return to concerns of human drama and religion.

An association between religion and the zombie/infection theme lacked great effect. The social commentary seems to take a back seat than drive the production.

DecayMag.com Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson Puppet

In conclusion:

Puppet is an entertaining addition to the zombie/infection sub-genre. The star of this short film production is the practical effects. Portrayals are mature with definitive exhibition within the action sequences.

Rating Score:  0-10 Avoid | 11-20 Mediocre | 21-30 Good | 31-40  Average | 41-50 Satisfactory | 51-60 Stunning | 61-70 Terrific | 71-80 Must See | 81-90 Amazing | 91-100 Impressive
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70 %
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Practical Effects
80 %
Scare Factor
10 %
Special Effects
5 %
Viewing Experience
80 %
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