Rachels, The: Meet The New Mean Girls!

The Rachels, Michael Civille, Decaymag.com

Rachels, The. Film Details.

Director: Michael Civille

Writer: Ellen Huggins

Release Date: March 20th, 2018

Release Format: TV/DVD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Running Time: 87 min


When a popular teen dies, her best friend basks in the glow of the social media attention, while their rival seeks to avenge the past, and uncover the truth behind the mysterious death.

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The Rachels – previously titled Infamous – is a TV film written by Ellen Huggins and directed by Michael Civille.

The story is about friendship, power, success, fame and how it all interacts in a high school drama. It might remind you of Mean Girls and Heathers – and you’re right – but it has the lust and spice of Cruel Intentions too which is a plus.

Main Cast

Madison Iseman as Rachel Nelson

Caitlin Carver as Rachel Richards

Daniela Bobadilla as Roxie

Austin Cauldwell as Tom

The Rachels, Michael Civille, Decaymag.com


The Rachels starts up like the typical fun-Sunday-afternoon film about high school drama between the popular girls called The Rachels and, well, the rest of the school. The Rachels are two charming and talented girls who stick together all the time and rule the school. Even the morning announcements are made by them. They are the girls you should look up to.

Rachel Nelson is a good-hearted girl who actually likes doing the morning announcements and hang out with her friends and be a part of The Rachels. Rachel Richards is the top of the chain cold villain who loves to be popular for her followers and fame. When Nelson becomes more fortunate than Richards in school, sports and even in love, Richards feels left out and Nelson decides to stand on her own and pursue her journey without her friend.

After a lethal event where Nelson suffers from an accident, the film grows deeper into tragedy and thriller when you start figuring out what truly went on between The Rachels.

One of the things that I admired in this film relating to others is that both Rachels have distinct personalities and opinions. They are both the alphas in the group and that’s why everything comes falling apart. In other films, there’s usually a Queen and the sheep who accept everything and serve her. Here they’re both the Queens which turns out to be more entertaining.

The Rachels, Michael Civille, Decaymag.com

The film looks great visually, tender colours and polished look especially during the outdoor scenes. I loved how the editing was organised by chapters. I thought it was fresh, innovative and doubtless distinct from what I’ve seen in these types of teenage films. It set the bar high bringing life to the genre.

The performances are pretty much all around acceptable but The Rachels really do shine in their own way, especially Richards played by Caitlin Carver. She embodies hate and vengeance with class, humour, and attitude. I loved her character.

The ending of The Rachels reminded me a lot of Cruel Intentions when Kathryn Merteuil is ultimately exposed by everyone and is embarrassed in front of them. In The Rachels it’s actually not the same idea, you’ll have to watch the film to understand that, but it really concentrates on how humans can reach low without even recognizing it… It concentrates on fame and how it consumes everything around you when you’re not being authentic.

The Rachels, Michael Civille, Decaymag.com
In Conclusion

Watch it with your friends with some popcorn and soda. Live the American dream of high school terror and drama by watching these girls tear apart their lives. It is cheesy at times and has all the clichés you might imagine in this type of entertainment but in the end you might be surprised with it. Give it a shot, The Rachels is the new Mean Girls of the last decade.


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