Rave Party Massacre, Modern Classic To Slasher Cinema

Rave Party Massacre Film Details DecayMag.com Director: Jason Winn Writer(s): Jonathan W. Hickman  Maggie D. Hickman Jason Winn (story by) DeadThirsty Rave Party Massacre

Director: Jason Winn


Jonathan W. Hickman 

Maggie D. Hickman

Jason Winn (story by)

Release Date: April 10th 2018

Release Format: DVD, VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: TBA

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Set in 1992, during a hallucinogenic drug nightmare infused with illicit partying and forbidden sex, young ravers discover the murderous world of the DeadThirsty.


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DeadThirsty, Infects Rave Party Massacre On VOD, DVD


Rave Party Massacre serves as your basic slasher film. The composition presents a group of unsuspecting victims, deranged homicidal killers and a remote backdrop to which the actions evolve. Yet, there are many highlights that sets Rave Party Massacre apart from other films in its class. Winn’s film has a modern classic appeal with potential for a franchise. While Rave Party Massacre may not break barriers it compliments the slasher genre.

The music is an attention device, the varied high energy selections not only suited the film but also serves as a nice supplement to any electro-driven Spotify playlist. From a technical viewpoint, the dull greyness of the derelict interior gets camouflaged by a youthful neon color palette. This visual design serves as a contemporary classic, that pulls in the viewer. The killer’s lair serves as the character’s psychological profile. I noticed these quarters paired well with the adversaries and their narrative backstory.

DecayMag.com Director: Jason Winn Writer(s): Jonathan W. Hickman  Maggie D. Hickman Jason Winn (story by) DeadThirsty Rave Party Massacre

To highlight this feature of the narrative let’s take a brief glimpse at the slasher genre. Serial killers in this genre are motivated by revenge either intimate or for the love of another. In Rave Party Massacre it is the tempestuous political landscape that fuels homicidal compulsion. Instead of rapacious assailants audiences meet a realistic approach to the antagonist formula.

I found the cinematography and camera work were accomplish on an enhanced level. There is creative B-roll footage that combined power tools and sexy women. These clips had an atmosphere straight out of an electronic style music video. Overall Rave Party Massacre has a hip expression that caters to different age demographics.

Rave Party Massacre features women in strong protagonist roles. I was glad to see that clichés and stereotyped characters are not designed into this script. Yet, the performances are hit and miss. Some scenes had a strong emotion while others felt weak in delivery. I found Melissa Kunnap and Sara Bess shined in this production. Kunnap’s fate is remarkable in her influential contribution to the narrative. Yet, I found her denial as a final girl to be negative. For some odd reason, women of color do not get to be considered for this role in Horror cinema.

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The plot for Rave Party Massacre felt straight to the point but not too much to be a template-based slasher film. I sensed there was room to create a grittier feel, either through the visuals or the narrative. The cast seemed unimportant and disposable, this is demanded in slasher films and I was hoping the writers would have diverted from this approach. Although the adversaries had a strong backstory, I felt it catered to a mature, sophisticated individual. The reveal on the killer’s identity did not suit the profile of the character. It felt out of place.

In Conclusion:

The practical effects were simplistic yet draw in on high-quality creations.  I would have appreciated a blood-drenched gore fest to compliment the visual assaults of classic slasher films. Yet, the violence in Rave Party Massacre felt adequate for its creative direction.
The scare factor is not a part of this narrative and the kill scenes will not surprise Horror enthusiasts. Rave Party Massacre will entertain casual fans of the genre. With the title of the film, I have to voice my disdain for its generic interpretation. Deadthristy had considerable value since the word ties in with the narrative.



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