Recall, The. Abducts Traditional “Horror In The Woods” Concept

Recall, The. Film Details Reggie Keyohara III Mauro Borrelli Teddy Wynne Sam Acton King The Recall

Director: Mauro Borrelli


Reggie Keyohara III (writer)

Mauro Borrelli (story by)

Teddy Wynne (additional writer)

Sam Acton King (writer)

Release Date: June 16th, 2017

Release Format: Cinemas (limited), VOD

MPAA Rating: R

Genre: Sci-Fi

Running Time: 1h 30min


When five friends vacation at a remote lake house they expect nothing less than a good time, unaware that planet Earth is under an alien invasion and mass-abduction.


The Recall is the latest release to delve into alien visitation and associated theories. The many references to this narrative differ from action orientation to psychological suspense. Borrelli offers a blend of both with The Recall. Yet, the design of the film appears to be in expressing the outstanding special effects.

According to the press release

The Recall is groundbreaking for its use of new technology, including creating one of first-ever Virtual Reality companion Recall Abduction short films to star lead actor of the movie (Wesley).

The Recall will have a limited theatrical 2D release at the following theaters:

Village East Cinemas
New York, NY
Palisades Center 21
West Nyack, NY
Columbia Park 12
North Bergen, NJ
AMC Jersey Gardens 20
Elizabeth, NJ Reggie Keyohara III Mauro Borrelli Teddy Wynne Sam Acton King The Recall


The skillful performance of computer-generated imagery (CGI) intensified this film. From the ominous weather patterns to the Martian spacecraft every CGI aspect was superior in design. It seems the production team insisted on delivering a memorable fictitious reality. If The Recall offers a characteristic to remember it will have to be in this particular vein. Reggie Keyohara III Mauro Borrelli Teddy Wynne Sam Acton King The RecallAnother measure that is worthy of recognition lies with the character’s representations. Although restricted under thematic clichés the performances entertained satisfactory quality. A heightened form of drama the principal cast couldn’t offer. This was a result of their acts being derived from templates found in Horror cinema.

Wesley Snipes added action-driven comedy to the film. Yet, there was a sensation of familiarity with Snipes’ performance. It appears the actor did not shed cynical behaviorism and macho flair offered in Patrick Hughes’ 2014 testosterone filled action film.

The lighting revealed the suitable expression when required. Combined with notable camera perspectives and the cinematography became a compelling element to the film. Scare factor remained minimal yet the uncertainty and science fiction element is found to be a momentum component.


The Recall presents a narrative rich in stale cliché. The artistic direction grew less compelling once this conventional method emerges. How much longer must audiences remain constrained to dramas set against a desolate forested backdrop? To further explain, this is the weak outline where an assemblage of characters becomes subject to external or internal perils. For The Recall the antagonizing force is extraterrestrial creatures. Four members of the writing team and this is the most favorable approach they can bring about among them?

Even though the design had potential, incorporating a regurgitated concept crippled this composition. All sense of originality dispersed within the closing minutes for Act I. Although there’s an immersion of interesting subtext and visual effects The Recall does not file as redefining. The film would have a better significance without the teen-saturated context. A focus on the visitation, government cover-up, and joined concepts were applicable anchors for this production.

In conclusion:

While the concept found in The Recall is nothing new the film is worthy of a viewing. The spectacles of human drama when faced with a threat from the heavens is profound.

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