Released from Love, Disturbing Atmospheric Tale of Love

Released from Love Film Details Luciano de Azevedo Released From Love

Director Luciano de Azevedo 

Writer  Luciano de Azevedo

Release Date TBD

Release format TBD

MPAA rating

Genre: Horror

Running time 6 mins


From love….to ashes


Released from Love is a short horror film from Brazilian director Luciano de Azevedo telling the story of love through the eyes of a not so ‘normal’ couple.

A new trailer has been revealed from the director of the award-winning Cabrito (2015) – and Rosalita (2017) Luciano de Azevedo entitled Released From Love, live now on Vimeo. With the trailer revealing next to nothing we are only kept guessing as to what the six-minute short entails in this eerie trailer. There is only one question I need answered; who or what has been Released from Love?

Watch the trailer to find out more!

Tastefully bloody ‘Released from Love’ had my skin crawling!” A quote taken from my film review below. Luciano de Azevedo Released From Love


In this sickly six-minute short, Released from Love stabs at of the viewer’s heart with this gut-wrenching take on what ‘love’ is. Beautifully filmed every scene from the get-go was enjoyable, the production quality top notch and the actors believable.

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Being my first experience from de Azevedo’s film background I was unsure at first at what I was getting myself into but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by his work and his ability to unnerve the viewer was not wasted on me.

Azevedo has done well with the direction of this short. What I especially enjoyed was the simplicity of the plot and the ability to tell a story through actions and not words. Tastefully bloody Released from Love had my skin crawling at the disturbing atmosphere and practical effects. Luciano de Azevedo Released From Love

It is very rare to come by a short film that tries too hard with the ‘shock value’ when it comes to horror films. Azevedo’s short, however, struggled with none of these and in fact was enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable without the use of over the top flamboyance.

In Released from Love it goes to show that the people you think you knew may harbour a dark secret behind closed doors! Filled with looming menace Azevedo’s short relies heavily on mood and atmosphere penning a great watch. I can safely say that I haven’t watched a short that has made me feel this uncomfortable in a while! Luciano de Azevedo Released From Love


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