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Ricky Hess’ Horror Hotel The Movie: Horror Anthology Web Series

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Creator: Ricky Hess

Release Date: 2013


The anthology series continues dishing out short slices of horror/fantasy/suspense tales reminiscent of the beloved Twilight Zone. Tales of the macabre all taking place at an equally mysterious motel located in rural Georgia.


The Horror Hotel The Movie has been released on the Amazon Prime platform, free for Amazon Prime members. The Horror Anthology, created by Ricky Hess, aired in 2013. Season 1 of the Horror Hotel: The Web series included the stories Tilt, Invader, Guillotine, Bookworm, and Houdini’s Hand.

Season 2 of the Horror Hotel: The Web series is the anthology that has been released on the Amazon Prime platform, also introducing some new stories. The stories include Aliens Stole My Boyfriend, The Problem With Clones, Brain Robbers In Love, Life After Men, Coma Girl, Four Eyes.

The Stories

In Aliens Stole My Boyfriend, As a woman and her boyfriend is fighting, two attractive alien women appear and their space buggy crash lands in front of them. The alien women have come to Earth in search of boyfriends because all the men on their planet have been wiped out.

In Coma Girl, A man and his wife of seven years, who is in a coma, celebrates their anniversary. The security guard of the motel complex crashes the party and confesses to the man that he is in love with his wife and that he’s taking her away from him.

In The Problem With Clones, A skip tracer searches for a woman who has been accused of murdering her sister. She will be in big trouble if she doesn’t appear in court. He discovers the woman is one of five clones that were part of a government experiment.

In Brain Robbers In Love, A man has in his possession, an illegal machine that has a sole purpose of stealing identities, and a lethal concoction that can kill anyone it touches. A wealthy businesswoman wants to use these methods to her advantage to get insider information on a competitive company, as well as to seduce her younger assistant. Soon, the tables are turned.

In Four Eyes, A distraught man going through a divorce battle hires a wheelchair bound man to kill his ex-wife. Instead, he ends up putting himself in a bad situation.

In Life After Men, In a near future Orwellian world, men are outlawed, and everything is run by an unseen presence known as “The Server”. Manhunters track down any men hiding underground and defiant women choosing not to abide by the orders controlled by the server.

The Horror Hotel The Movie can be watched for free on the Amazon Prime platform for free if you are a member.  If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, you can start with a 30 free membership, or you can rent the movie for $2.99 or buy it for $9.99.

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