Rise And Fall Of An American Scumbag, The; Dakota Bailey’s Nihilistic New Chapter, Story

DecayMag.com, Rise And Fall American Scumbag, Dakota BaileyRise And Fall Of An American Scumbag, The. Film Details.

Director: Dakota Bailey

Writer: Dakota Bailey

Release Date: December 15, 2017

Release Format: DVD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Crime

Running Time: 50 mins


You gotta fuck them over before they can fuck you.


Long Synopsis:

The Rise and Fall of An American Scumbag is the new and fourth full length feature by Denver auteur filmmaker Dakota Bailey. The film features five interconnected stories that revolve around several bottom dwelling characters that include Johnny (Dakota Bailey), an unstable drug addicted hitman, his boss/drug kingpin Pat (Alaskan Cinder), Billy, (Darien Fox) a sadistic sociopath with a scheme to murder his father for his life insurance policy and wheelchair bound Vietnam Veteran/vigilante Wheeling Deals (L.B.). The film documents the rise and eventual self destruction of the characters and takes the viewer on a nihilistic journey full of drugs and death.

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Dakota Bailey as Johnny

Larry Bay as Wheeling Deals

Alaskan Cinder as Pat

Darien Fawkes as Billy

Vincent Gelyo as Veto

Maria Rose as Candy

Dakota Bailey


As in his latest films, Dakota Bailey shares with the viewer different stories that intertwine together. The Rise And Fall Of An American Scumbag is a spun-off of Bailey’s earlier work American Scumbags. It serves almost like a prequel, so we find some familiar characters back in The Rise And Fall.

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Dakota Bailey’s American Scumbags -Film Review

We are confronted with five stories that woven together featuring several characters involved in different situations basically involving drugs:

At first, we see Billy played by Darien Fox, a loathsome character who appreciates watching videos of dogs getting beaten to death and getting his prostitute girlfriend Candy played by Maria Rose high on blow. With an utter aversion for his parents, including a horrible scene where he literally defecates on his mother’s grave, Billy has a strategy to further himself by acquiring his father’s insurance policy by any tactics necessary.

DecayMag.com, Rise And Fall American Scumbag, Dakota Bailey
Candy (Maria Rose)

Next, we have Johnny played by Bailey as a hit man and addict who works for female drug kingpin Pat played by Alaskan Cinder. Johnny is called when vigilante Wheeling Deals played by Larry Bay executes one of her scumbag dealers.

The routes of Billy, Wheeling Deals, Pat, and Johnny will cross and culminate in death and annihilation for some of the sides concerned.

I reviewed some time ago Bailey’s latest film Acid Sorcerer which was impressive but visually amateur-ish.

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Acid Sorcerer, Unforgettable Low Budget Trip

The Rise And Fall of American Scumbag don’t raise up the bar but delivers great characters and storyline. Bailey has a pure ability to paint real characters and lifestyles that make you grind your teeth while watching. One thing I do have to mention about his filmography is that he keeps his vision as faithful to himself as possible, delivering the same type of shots, clumsy editing, and epileptic cinematography.

This time around we do have some great punk hardcore soundtrack by the band Skullcrack which brings a new status of nihilistic style to the film.

In Conclusion

Micro-budget films can be painful to watch if they aren’t done right. Bailey has a lot of potentials. Even though I have some rough time to watch so much cruel and rawness altogether, there’s a lot of work behind it and it shows up in his productions. Keep doing what you do, Bailey and be sure to buy his films on DVD right here.Decaymag.com, Rise And Fall American Scumbag, Dakota Bailey


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