Romeos Distress Takes Shakespeare To Horror   

Romeos Distress Film Details Jeff Frumess. Romeo's Distress

Director: Jeff Frumess

Writer: Jeff Frumess

Release Date: October 31, 2016

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Running Time: 1 Hour, 22 Minutes


“Romeo’s Distress” is a Weird, Shakespearean, Gothic, Horror-Thriller that tells a story of a boy name James, his unrequited love for a girl named Jane, and her father’s sadistic (yet dutiful) response to it all.



Romeo’s Distress has screened at the Nightmares Film Festival, where it has won the Espirit de Gore Award.

The Cast

Anthony Malchar – James Ferrose

Kimberly A. Peterson – Jane Matthews

Jeffrey Alan Solomon – Dale Matthews

Romeo’s Distress follows James Ferrose, a hopeless romantic who finds love with Jane Matthews. However, Jane’s father, Dale refuses to let this happen. James falls victim to Dale’s sadistic ways. His undying love for Jane is what will keep him fighting until there is no fight left. Jeff Frumess. Romeo's Distress


Romeo’s Distress is said to be a Shakespearean, Gothic Horror, Thriller. It looks to be a modern-day Ode to Romeo & Juliet. The story falls heavy in that concept. James is in love with Jane, but her father forbids him to see her. Dale takes drastic measures to make sure James knows he does not approve of the relationship. Even if it means taking away his existence.

The background musical and theatrical score are reminiscent of the Shakespearean story. It’s dark and dramatic with eerie sounds. The cinematography is in black and white, which is a great choice for this production. It enhances the film with an Art House effect. Traditional camera lighting interweaves in key scenes. This is when James daydreams of Jane. This interpreted as his days are bright when he is with her and he has hope. The black and white lighting as his distress peaking through when he is not with her and hope fades.

Yet, as with the original Shakespearean tale, James will do anything it takes to be with Jane. Anthony Melchar and Jeffrey Alan Solomon are a great protagonist-antagonist duo. Solomon delivering intimidating results to correlate with Melchar’s progression.

Shakespearean cinema has always been invigorating. It serves as a path to modern day cinema and inspiration for new school directors and filmmakers. Frumess has excelled at executing this production and making it work to where it’s still its own, solid Jeff Frumess. Romeos Distress

In Conclusion

Romeo’s Distress pays homage to Shakespearean cinema. Director Jeff Frumess delivers a dramatic production with black and white cinematography that radiates. The musical and theatrical scores make the experience complete. Jeff Frumess. Romeo's Distress



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