Rumination, Questions Quest For Desires

Rumination Film Details Chad Eric Smith, Mister Duke Productions. Rumination

Director: Chad Eric Smith

Writer: Chad Eric Smith

Release Date: October, 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Sci-Fi

Running Time: 12 Minutes, 40 Seconds


Heartbroken and haunted by memories of an ex-girlfriend, Elliott is eager to mend his failed relationship. He meets Renard, a quirky neuroscientist who offers to alleviate his distress with a new scientific method: a top-secret drug that enables time travel. “Rumination” is a story about grief and the determination of the human mind to regain happiness.

3. Overview Chad Eric Smith, Mister Duke Productions. Rumination

Rumination has completed post-production and will be released to film festivals. An official release date not yet announced. The film is produced by Mister Duke Productions.


Danny Gavigan – Renard

Kelvin Drama – Elliott

Angus Whinfield – Monique

After a difficult breakup, Elliott was stricken with grief. He suffers from persistent dreams, visions, and delusions of Monique. To see and hold her one last time, he visits Renard, who holds the answer to everything he desires.

2. Impressions Chad Eric Smith, Mister Duke Productions. Rumination


How far are you willing to go to get your desires? Chad Eric Smith’s Rumination begs this question. The film doesn’t explain what happened to Eric and Monique’s relationship and why things fell apart. Whatever happened has sent Elliott into a downward spiral into depression. Visited by dreams and visions of her and how happy they once were. He wants that happiness back. How far is he willing to go to achieve happiness once more? Far, as you will see in this short Sci-Fi film.

Rumination has an invigorating plot. It’s fresh. Time travel continues to be an astounding concept in Horror and Science-Fiction. Even long after introducing of such a concept in cinema; dating back to the 1920s with A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (1921). Fast-forward to the modern day, time travel still amazes the viewer. It’s that unknown factor that triumphs overall. In Rumination, the unknown comes with the pitch.

This pitch accompanied by a beautiful score. An enlightening melody during one key scene. An illuminating sound vibration in the next. When Elliott wanders into dreamland and when he reminisces on the good times and the peak of his relationship with Monique. This composition also enhances the cinematography here, which has a dreamscape vibe. The camera lighting is vibrant in some scenes and fluorescent in others. There’s a grey tint during one of his vision episodes that enhances the production. The camera effects here are great.


Danny Gavigan’s character was a comedic relief to offset the depression in this film. Although, it is amazing, most of it is depressing. From the plot to the musical score. There is joy found in the dream episodes when Elliott reminisces. Renard is a happy character. He brings out the smile in both Elliott and the viewer. For Elliott, he is a bearer of good news regarding his situation. For the viewer, after such bittersweet episodes and memories the film offers, his demeanor is Chad Eric Smith, Mister Duke Productions. Rumination

1. In Conclusion

Rumination has a bittersweet story with a beautiful background score. The camera lighting and effects enhances the experience. This production brings out a rush of emotions.


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