Salt And Iron Has Its Flaws While Still Being Engaging, Salt and Iron, George Fraser
“Salt and Iron” Concept Art

Salt And Iron. Film Details.

Director: George Fraser

Writer: George Fraser

Release Date: June 12th, 2018 (Happenstance Horror Fest)

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 11 mins

Social Networks: Facebook 


A fisherman (Decoff) catches more than he can handle when he meets a stranger at the old fishing hole. Will he meet his fate sooner than expected?, Salt and Iron, George Fraser
Marissa Joy – Rob Lee Photography


Salt And Iron is a horror short written and directed by George James Fraser. Fraser contacted me on Facebook to review his horror short and I was thrilled to be a part of his filmmaking journey. It was worth it.

Salt And Iron will have its worldwide premiere at the Happenstance Horror Fest this June 12th. Fraser is the festival coordinator.

Cast includes William DeCoff and Marissa Joy.


Salt And Iron is a low-budget horror short film where technical limitations are confined to be a part of it. There are editing issues, notably on the colour correction which seems incomplete at moments; the same shot has different tones at distinct time-codes which can be a little troubling.

The other issue is the sound, I had to put on headphones to hear the dialogues. It wasn’t unwatchable though, if you watch the short without paying attention to these components, you will enjoy Salt And Iron on its most entirely… It’s fast-paced, entertaining, bloody and has female nudity – if somewhat that might refer your enthusiasm., Salt and Iron, George Fraser

I’m not much of a fan of nudity in horror films. All we perceive is female nudity over male nudity which I still don’t accept why that should upset the audience. Women can be naked all the time but men shouldn’t be. Why not? Should we degrade women on screen because men feel superior? Anyway, I won’t go further than that, the only factor I can share about Salt And Iron is that female characters thrive on this story so the nudity may be defended at times; it can be viewed as a moment of liberation or salvation which is tolerable and I’m totally here for it! On that count, Salt And Iron have a lot to share and most of it is plausible. Great camerawork and direction by Fraser during these moments.

The performances are pleasant; the actors seem to have fun playing these parts, principally the women, which I can understand why. The costume designs are beautifully crafted and they shined throughout the cinematic experience. An eerie setting always brings new crafted ideas and imagination.

It was inspiring to watch a female-driven horror short, and I enjoyed Salt And Iron for its fierceness on screen and its twist and turns. The ending is severe and raw, which is the highlight for me where the predator gets swallowed by its prey. I admired that concept., Salt and Iron, George Fraser
Rob Lee Photography


Closing Thoughts

Salt And Iron is a revelation, Fraser’s crude sexual empowerment vision is a bomb. There are lacking on the editing department and the sound capturing throughout the extent of the short but it won’t keep you unfocused until the ultimate climax. Definitely worth a peek.


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