Saudade; Beautiful Short With Eerie Atmosphere

Saudade. Film Details.

Saudade, Kemal Yildirim,

Directors: Kemal Yildirim

Writer: Kemal Yildirim

Release Date: 2018

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short/Drama/Thriller

Running Time: 21 mins


‘Saudade’ A dark Psychological drama. Exploring Alice’s fractured mind and her search for what lays within her long buried memories. Alice becomes lost within the memories she aches for opening the door to her hidden self.



Saudade – The Love That Remains is a short film written and directed by Kemal Yildirim. Saudade is a poetic metamorphosis of how much relationships change us. From its powerful premise and how the film is arranged, Yildirim brings us one of his best works yet.


Holly-Rose Durham as Alice

Sean Botha as Wilhelm

Kemal Yildirim as Tris


I’ve reviewed some time ago a film Yildirim starred in called Malady written and directed by Jack James. That film left me speechless after watching it and Saudade brought me back to that place, notably by the strong context about broken relationships that both films depict. Yildirim produced Malady so I assume his point of view had a lot to do with the final product because Saudade seems a taste of a spinoff of that film in terms of cinematography, camerawork, and editing.

Saudade is a compelling film and for that Yildirim required to stay honest to himself and show us how crude and emotional relationships really are. He commences by presenting us to the place Alice lives, using flawless camerawork and cinematography with subtle zooms and focus on the environment. One of the things I cherish about this film and what Malady had as well is that Yildirim has the skill of not including a lot of dialogue and revealing a story by body language and real moments.

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Malady, A Raw, Delicate Erotic Thriller

The use of flashback scenes where Alice remembers her time with Tris is authentic and even though occasionally too raw to face it, there are always some moments or details that leave you astonished. The details are the most important thing here and Yildirim gives us hints of what is going to happen without exposing too much.

Saudade, Kemal Yildirim,
Writer/Director Kemal Yildirim with actress Holly-Rose Durham

Saudade isn’t an easy film to watch. The editing isn’t conventional and there’s a line between being an art film and a drama/thriller. I do believe it requires to have its own audience to be enjoyed and devoured as it should.

The performances are top notch, Durham and Yildirim play the passioned and toxic partners in Saudade and they have an exquisite chemistry together. The intimacy is evident and we do realise how much pain Alice is going through by observing her in the present and watching them jointly in the past.

Saudade, Kemal Yildirim,

In Conclusion

There’s a bunch to love here, notably if you’re into indie drama. Don’t be fooled by assuming this is a romance film. It is in its weird yet delicate way but it’s principally a thriller… and there is a disturbing sequence near the end that might give you the chills. Beware.Saudade, Kemal Yildirim,


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