Savor Marc Cartwright’s One Minute Horror Short

Savor Short Film Details Marc Cartwright, Baker Chase Powell, Glass Cabin Films. Savor

Director: Marc Cartwright

Writer: Baker Chase Powell

Release Date: October 19, 2016

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Horror

Running Time: 1 Minute


A man discovers the horrors of dining alone.


Savor has screened at the Nightmares Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio. Produced by Glass Cabin Films. It has won the Los Angeles Horror Competition Best Short Film Award. The cast stars Baker Chase Powell.

Jimmy (Powell) is having dinner when he notices something strange in his mouth. He pulls out a long strand of hair. As he observes his meal, he’s spooked by an uninvited guest.


Savor is creepy. There is no other word to describe it. Baker Chase Powell stars as Jimmy, who is sitting down enjoying a dinner alone, but something is off. There is hair in his mouth, and it’s not his! Whose hair could it be? He takes another look at his food and notices even more hair. Then, surprise! A creepy-looking lady pops out from under the table. Who is that? What is that? Scared the crap out of me!

Jimmy’s reaction to this is as it should be. However, the film cuts out right after the big surprise, so his reaction you cannot see beyond that. I wonder if his expression was as priceless as mine. Actor or actress of the surprise guest is unidentified. End credits states the zombie presented by Forum Novelties Inc. The makeup of this character is perfect. Despite the end credits saying it is a zombie, the viewer can make an obvious claim this character falls in the undead Marc Cartwright, Baker Chase Powell, Glass Cabin Films. Savor

The song “That Place” by Troy Kline and Steven Rice plays on rotation throughout the film. This is a great selection. It serves as a subtle and upbeat romantic song to offset a rather dark and creepy concept. The camera angles focused on the subject. The lighting is dim.

It would have been nice to see how things transpired past the ending. One can speculate that poor Jimmy didn’t make it, but that may not be the case. There is an uncertainty that lingers here, and it makes the viewer want to satisfy the curiosity.

In Conclusion

The last short film to scare me like this was Lights Out. There is something about jump films, such as these. Maybe the viewer relaxed while watching them, then, the jump scare they are not ready for, catches them off guard. Sends your adrenaline sky high, and your heartbeat up a few notches. Well played.

The poster art for Savor is literal. “Enjoy your meal. It could be your last.”


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