Scars of Xavier, Shocking Descent into Madness And Fractured Mind

Scars of Xavier Film Details Kai E. Bogatzki Scars of Xavier


Kai E. Bogatzki


Kai E. Bogatzki,

Marc Engel (storyline)

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Running Time: 1h 30min

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Xavier (Engel) is a quiet 45-year-old man who lives in Prague. By day he works in a car wash service, but by night he is a brutal and vicious serial killer who primarily targets young women… until one day he meets a waitress named Karolina, and suddenly everything changes. Knowing Karolina awakens emotions deep within him that he thought were lost a long time ago. However, these newfound emotions also kick his murderous desires into overdrive, and his urge to kill grows and grows. Can he juggle both aspects of his life, or will it all end in disaster?


Scars of Xavier is a fast-paced Horror Thriller with energy complimented by an electronic stylized soundtrack. Am an aficionado of electro-Industrial music and related genres, therefore, I felt an appreciation towards the music Audiomachine provides. These tracks amped up the emotional content for Scars of Xavier.

There are many psychological topics conveyed in Bogatzki’s film. The principal source material concentrates on traumatic events between a man and his mother. This is a force subject to delve into. The Horror genre is not alone in presented this controversial material. Disney has perpetrated angst against the mother image for generations. With the latter, it comprises projecting step-mothers as villainous personas. The technique leads to Scars of Xavier into realistic and raw territories. I enjoyed the originality conveyed and am sure audiences will also find appreciation for this creative form. Kai E. Bogatzki Scars of Xavier

Scars of Xavier provides insight into the traumatized psyche of the main character. The title itself implies this poetic complexity of the film. Serial killers in Horror cinema are one-dimensional killing machines with lax backstory and impossible physical attributes. Xavier, the antagonist in Bogatzki’s film encapsulates a tormented soul with violent impulses. On the surface, the texture of this figure may have cliche overtones. To understand the multi-layered characteristics audiences will have to assess Xavier’s personality while watching the film. This antagonist takes a page out of a textbook psychological profile. Bogatzki’s film draws a stab at imagination and murders with innovation.

The performances were commendable. Marc Engel portrays a wicked character with full force. Engel takes the spotlight in this film. I have not seen a role expressed by such caliber in recent years. Many would connect Engel’s persona with Anthony Perkin’s iconic role or perhaps Sven Garrett‘s character in the 2004 Horror film release. Although these two examples parallel Engel’s characteristics the actor supersedes comparable performances. Kai E. Bogatzki Scars of Xavier

The practical effects were phenomenal. Each depiction of violence had a realistic feel and expression. Some may find offense in the brutality committed against females. Yet, am sure this is what Bogatzki intended to do in the first place. One scene involving the beheading of a female victim was both impressive and gut-wrenching. I venture to gore themed websites on occasion and I have to say the realism delivered in that particular scene parallels the same shock value.

With cinematography, Bogatzki joined by Lucas Blank and Philipp Peißen provide some stunning visuals. The best set of sequences, in my opinion, is with the final minutes of ACT III. I can’t elaborate on this particular scene but it does portray an artistic representation of duality. Kai E. Bogatzki Scars of Xavier

Viewing Experience:

Xavier of Xavier is an incredible film with a craft that will remain in the test of time. The acting is outstanding with highlights placed on Marc Engel. Facets of mental calamities are not over-dramatic and drive with realism. Kai E. Bogatzki produces raw storytelling that audiences are hungry for. In a market saturated with CGI and weightless reboots Scars of Xavier becomes a beacon of light in the make of psychotic destruction.
The brutality against women in Scars of Xavier may shock most. Yet this reaction emphasizes the emotional impact Bogatzki offers.


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