Night Delivery, The. Embodies Great Horror in Short

Night Delivery, The Film Details Scott O'Hara The Night Delivery

Director: Scott O’Hara

Writer: Scott O’Hara

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: N/A

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short / Horror / Thriller

Running Time: 15 min


Three disgruntled grocery employees discover they are being hunted by a demonic creature on the last delivery of the day.


When grocery delivery employees Max, Bryce and Rich go on the last run of the day, their motives are anything but sincere. As they begin the theft at the Ramsey residence, they discover an evil entity has already taken control of the home and its occupant. In a last ditch effort to escape, the Co-workers find themselves hunted, unknowingly drawing the monster through past and present actions. With time running out and the body count rising, they face one final choice. Will it be the right one?

I read this synopsis by Monster Tale Films and rewrote this down. The Night Delivery is a great body of horror for shorts and it pulls off for being fresh, raw, bloody and well acted. It inspires new filmmakers as myself to keep directing and writing new stories. There’s a lot of independent filmmakers out there that need our attention and Scott O’Hara is one of them. He asked for our help through Kickstarter and in return, he wrote and directed an amazing thrill ride. Scott O'Hara The Night Delivery


I’ll begin by saying The Night Delivery blew me away. It has all qualities we want on a horror short film and delivers more while you’re watching. It’s not a scary horror film that will have your skin crawled all the time but it stays with you quite for a while. After watching it I needed to shut down and watch another film. I prefer films that stay with you and keep you company even when you don’t want anymore… They have that power and this one has too.

I have so much love for practical effects and The Night Delivery has some of the greatest works I’ve seen in independent shorts. Such an amazing makeup department for the creature and while we’re already deranged by its appearance, we get served with an awesome work of cinematography by the use of lighting and shadows to keep the audience on their toes.

The performances are all around fantastic by Maxwell Renner, Ross Murray and Jordan Potch and we rarely watch that many horror films with only male actors on such fearful roles. I prefer when it’s an all female work, especially nowadays when it’s so hard to keep women as equal as men. If you don’t focus on that, the film still delivers and the actors work hard from being just dicks by robbing someone and after realizing they’re being watched and killed. Their facial expressions of fear are impressive, fresh and new and I loved that it all seemed authentic and their screams felt real. I have to say, Berkely Pickell, as Akoman was a beauty, great visual presence with the makeup.

The score is the most amazing aspect of this short, it keeps you into it from the beginning till the end, it has an 80s vibe, and it scared me. Thank you, Zach Lemmon, for keeping me scared. You worked as hard as everyone in this short. Scott O'Hara The Night Delivery


Hard to find bad aspects… I would say the end felt rushed for me. Even though I wanted more, because I loved your work on this short, I felt that a shot was missing… maybe an outdoor wide shot?

Other than that, everyone did an amazing job. Scott O'Hara The Night Delivery

In Conclusion:

This may be their last delivery of the night but it really is one amazing delivery for us. It’s a beautiful short with amazing visuals and practical effects. Every horror fan should watch. For 15 mins we are scared and hungry for more.

This may be their last delivery of the night but it really is one amazing delivery for us. It’s a beautiful short with amazing visuals and practical effects. Every horror fan should watch. For 15 mins we are scared and hungry for more.

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90 %
80 %
Originality / Redefining
80 %
70 %
Practical Effects
90 %
Scare Factor
60 %
95 %
Special Effects
90 %
Viewing Experience
90 %
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