Sightings, Horror Drama Explores Profound Emotion

Sightings Film Details

Director: Andrew J.D. Robinson

Writer: Andrew J.D. Robinson

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: Online

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short/Drama/Horror

Running Time: 2min


Two sisters mourn the disappearance of their little sister.


Sightings is the newest mini-short film from writer and director Andrew J.D. Robinson who had previously written and directed Placebo, A Walk Home Alone and Something Scary. I had the opportunity and pleasure to follow his work from the beginning writing reviews for each short and I even wrote questions for an interview, all available online here on

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This time around Robinson works with a different cast, including Angela Parent, Hayden Rose, Chantal Kloosterman, and Maissa Houri with FX by Alina Sauve, music by Ziwirek Beats, Curtis Berndt, and Tyler Matthews.


With Sightings, Robinson explores a different subject and tends to go to drama more than horror itself. Sightings is about two minutes long, it’s a very short film that surprises by its amount of emotion and detail. It’s one of the best works from Robinson, right next to Placebo. You know it is pure filmmaking when you witness a deep story and episode of two sisters’ lives turn into only two minutes long short film. It’s hard to do that and Robinson does it well and it seems so easy for him, which – as a filmmaker myself – I know it isn’t. Huge congratulations to Robinson and his team.

Sightings tell the story of two sisters in a car, mourning the disappearance of their younger sister. They both reflect on their memories and dreams they have about her, we feel the pain and confused torment it must be to not know where your sister went. I won’t spoil the end but you will understand it by watching the first frame of the film. Robinson knows to trick the viewer by showing directly the answer the short actually asks us. It’s a brave and ambitious way of storytelling and it isn’t that easy to be attracted to it while you’re watching for the first time.

Sightings should be watched at least two times to actually let it grow and sink in your mind because it is a lot happening in only two minutes long and the emotions reflected on screen aren’t the must joyful. Writer: Andrew J.D. Robinson Sightings

Robinson explores drama with moments of truth and raw real-life horror in Sightings when the two sisters talk about their dreams and we’re confronted with two different scenes where we see the disappeared sister. One moment is the truth and the present and the other one seems a possibility and a real dream, especially how different the cinematography is portrayed in that scene. I can’t talk that much about it because I will spoil a lot but Sightings really goes further than what you think it shows. I felt the same thing and I wrote about it when I watched for the first time Robinson’s first short Placebo.

In Conclusion:

While you’re not expecting Sightings to actually move you with such limited duration, wait for it and even the sound of a telephone ringing will scare you. Writer: Andrew J.D. Robinson Sightings


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