Sins of our Youth, an unforgiving experience

Sins of our Youth Film Director: Gary Entin Writer: Edmund Entin Sins of our Youth

Director: Gary Entin

Writer: Edmund Entin

Release Date: 

2nd December 2016

6th December 2016

Release Format: Limited Cinema, DVD/VOD

MPAA Rating:  R

Genre: Drama, Thriller 

Running Time: 1h 33min 


Sins of Our Youth is the story of four teenagers who accidentally murder a younger boy while shooting off assault weapons recreationally and the perilous decisions they make in the wake of the murder.


Sins of our Youth attempts to incite debate with sensitive social commentary. Gun control is the central theme screenwriter Edmund Entin conveys. Yet, the production fails to present any formula to entice the viewer. In Sins of our Youth, the topic although political lacks a solid foundation.

Entin penned a white-washed aesthetic. The controversy surrounds characters from one ethnic demographic. Social status also becomes an integral part of this cinematic formula. To elaborate, the characters are a set of privileged caucasian youth. The upper and middle-class making are seen making bad to worse decisions, the horror.

The narrative disconnects with reality with an unrefined concept. The film becomes an unsuccessful attempt at a Thriller. As a drama, Sins of our Youth is abysmal. Director: Gary Entin Writer: Edmund Entin Sins of our Youth


The cinematography becomes the best asset Sins of our Youth presents. Creative camera work was inventive and captured emotions with success. Strategic lighting adorns the unfolding scenarios, adding a multi-layered mood. Director: Gary Entin Writer: Edmund Entin Sins of our Youth


Sins of our Youth is a futile attempt at entertainment and political views. The nonsensical narrative dilutes any communication to each. In a drunken stupor, a group of teens commits a heinous crime. Should the audience feel any remorse for them? Perhaps. Yet, these individuals don’t connect with the audience.

The performances given were one-dimensional and cliché. Each role followed a template-based algorithm. Emotions lacked effect and added to the unrefined composition of each role.

Sins of our Youth continues to stray from logic by delving into a nonsensical course of events. The characters rectify a problem with a moronic solution. Does this classify as entertainment value? The sub-plot also lacks any substance. The only concern for a high school teen is to maintain popularity with a massive birthday bash. Despite knowledge of her pregnancy, she does little to accommodate her situation. How privileged.

Visit the link for a summary of the review metric used below. Director: Gary Entin Writer: Edmund Entin Sins of our Youth

70 %
15 %
Originality / Redefining
10 %
10 %
Practical Effects
5 %
Scare Factor
5 %
Special Effects
5 %
Viewing Experience
10 %
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  1. I actually saw this at a screening event in Hollywood and I actually really liked it. I’m not a film critic or anything but I think the the performances were great. When I left the movie I felt the need for more gun control or at least making sure that guns were not so accessible to us teens. Anyways I guess everyone has an opinion and I’m just going to have to disagree with the majority of what I just read.


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