Skybound Tries To Take Off With Tension, Effects Fails To Take Flight

Skybound Film Details  Alex Takavoli Skybound

Director: Alex Takavoli

Writer: Alex Takavoli

Release Date: November 7th, 2017

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Action/Thriller

Running Time: 82 min


Five friends on a small airplane mysteriously lose their radio connection on a trip from New York to LA. As they continue their flight, they’re forced to assume that a major disaster happened on the ground. They discover a stowaway, Erik, who urges them not to land at any cost. Before they run out of fuel, they must find out the truth.


Cast overview:  Alex Takavoli Skybound


Mix a cast from the shows of The CW or Disney Channel and the special effects and script from films of Asylum and you have Skybound. Maybe I’m being harsh, but, am I?

Skybound has all the obvious elements to be a mediocre film, even though it has an effort on the special effects, cinematography and camera work, and I’m being generous. Where should I start?

Every single plot of the film is poorly explored and they are the absolute cliché of what we can expect to these types of action/thriller survival films. There’s the love triangle, the bad choice of soundtrack where every single scene has a music in the background, there are the stereotypical characters, there’s the rubbish dialogue alongside the atrocious performance, there’s the happy ending where all the tension didn’t need to happen in the first place, there’s the end of the world but we don’t know why this happens now, and so on.  Alex Takavoli Skybound

I could write another paragraph about it but I won’t hurt my fingers while doing so anymore. I’m not deciding for you either you should watch this or not but you could consider all the elements I’ve mentioned. If you’re about to have a cozy evening with your friends and you want to laugh and enjoy a good time you can watch Skybound. It can be a form of relaxation when you don’t take it at all seriously. For me, it’s a huge problem because the film is advertised as a mix of Flightplan and Non-Stop and I didn’t feel at all engaged from beginning to end and I didn’t even care about the characters or felt any tension for that matter.

The script is one of the main problems with why Skybound doesn’t work. A lot happens during the film that didn’t have to happen at all because it wasn’t necessary. The love triangle didn’t need to happen for us to care about the lead characters and it didn’t need at all to happen because there’s no purpose behind it. There’s a scene where Kyle, one of the love interests of Lisa, gets shot and since they’re lost in the air with no contact with the world whatsoever, all characters turn to Lisa (who, of course, has a degree in medicine) for her to get the bullet out of Kyle’s body before it’s too late. It’s her first surgery with no equipment but she accepts not even considering the consequences.  Alex Takavoli Skybound

Of course, since there’s no twist or turn in the film, she achieves her purpose and got the bullet out safely with one of the worst performances of a man suffering from a bullet wound I’ve ever seen. After this, we should imagine that Kyle would be very, very weak, but in Skybound he recovers really fast and saves the day as the hero because he must have superpowers or he must be a cousin of Buffy but we didn’t know.

I think you get the message here, every subplot of the film isn’t explored or even finished and that is a big concern for me as a viewer. I’m presented with an idea of creating tension so I’m focusing my interest on it and tension just disappears like nothing happened and you almost forget it as well after all. When tension happens more than once you lose interest in the story. When you lose interest in the story, you forget about it all afterward. I love watching films that make me think and surprises me. How many clichés or overacted the cast here can be? Skybound didn’t surprise me and I didn’t earn any interest in following the writer and director’s work after this.  Alex Takavoli Skybound

In Conclusion:

If you’re really into Skybound, catch a glimpse of it, but other than that I say you should skip this film. I think the actors think this way too. The problem really is the script and the director. They didn’t seem to work coherently together and Takavoli did write the script and direct the film, imagine that.


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