Skyquake Abducts Viewers With Psychological DramaDecayMag Premier Award in Film

Skyquake earns DecayMag Premier Award for excellence in cinematic quality, performances, and driving narrative.

Film Details

Director: Sandy Robson

Writer: Sandy Robson

Release Date: April 4th, 2017 Sandy Robson Skyquake

Release Format: Video on Demand

MPAA Rating:

Genre:  Sci-Fi, Thriller

Running Time: 1h 30min


Since 2012 reports of strange sounds coming from the sky have flooded social media, now Adam, a recluse, struggling with his own demons, believes whatever is causing them has followed him home.


The topic of UFOlogy resides as a long time personal interest. The debate of extraterrestrial life is an ongoing battle. We as humans must question our existence among the stars. It is arrogant for us, as a species, to say we’re the only advanced civilization among the vast universes. Evidence, despite its dismissal, suggests our planet is indeed being visited.

Over the years more and more unexplained events occur across our skies. From unidentified flying objects to wormhole-like events, evidence continues to mount. One thought to toy with is the unexplained disappearance of Malaysian flight 370. Could this world event have had extraterrestrial interference?

One unexplained phenomenon that graced mainstream news is Skyquakes. Throughout the world are mounting reports of weird atmospheric sounds. These tones are often described as ranging from trumpets to machinery. In any event, the sounds are frightening. Confirming these events apart from purported UFO sightings are the mass witnesses.

Sandy Robson’s Skyquake has a base in these frightening events. Robson uses the concept to lead the viewer into a psychological excursion. Sandy Robson Skyquake


Skyquakes exhibits a spectacular array of creativity and approach. The environments and performers evolved onscreen with seamless fashion. Cinematographer Byron Koopman brings each component of the scene to life. This was achieved with a creative play with lighting and character positioning. Robson directs the viewer’s attention to key situations with success. By avoiding one-dimensional camerawork Skyquakes erupts onscreen as a visual marvel.

Sandy Robson exhibited outstanding acting technique as the lead. Robson does not portray the protagonist he embodies the character. Audiences will be awestruck as Robson delivers the character’s psychological tribulation. Actress Bronwen Smith provides the emotional element for the film. Her compassionate and endearing portrayal is pivotal. Audiences can not help but feel for her as she tries to serve her purpose. Together Robson and Smith offer an almost perfect onscreen chemistry. Sandy Robson Skyquake

Skyquake is the outline of originality. The method to which story evolves without falling into cliché trappings becomes the highlight. Everything about this production is unique. From the opening Act to the unsuspecting finale Skyquake will have viewers engaged. The impressiveness to Robson’s film is the casual infusion of psychological aspects. The story shifts into different territory without losing the core concept.

The plot has a solid structure. Each Act develops with adequate prose and provides engagement. The characters, each had a purpose and contribute themselves to the narrative. As for the dialogue, the exchanges were fluid and believable. The turning points were introduced at the right moment for great emotional impact.

Robson did not intent for Skyquake to be a Horror film. The film takes the psychological Thriller concept to new heights. The Science Fiction model serves as an added component and it too does not lean for fright factor.

As a whole Skyquake delivers as a fine viewing experience. The film stands as an example of quality craftsmanship. The film not only conveys the message of alien visitation it presents a tragic tale. Skyquake looks to have translated with flawlessness from script to screen.

The special effects were also kept at a minimum. If CGI effects are something that pleases palettes Skyquakes will disappoint. Yet, offered are creative lighting technique combined with a touch of computer effects. This subtlety coincides with the realistic feel and theme. Sandy Robson Skyquake


Skyquake did not offer much on the practical effects. The creature concept had a minimalistic approach. This is may or may not appeal to the viewer. In our viewing, the lack of practical effects worked well with the film. Yet, the concept could’ve had more of a visual impact while maintaining a casual approach.

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