Snare, The. Grips With Psychological Horror of True Originspremier-award

Snare, The. Earns DecayMag Premier award for innovation and creative advancements
in Horror. The storyline offers a structured emphasis on human strife. Psychological Drama is set against the backdrop of the supernatural. The characters are simple in design. Yet, each conveys ample intrigue.

Film Details

Director: C.A. C.A. Cooper The Snare

Writer:  C.A. Cooper

Release Date:  January 6th, 2017

Release Format: Cinemas, VOD

MPAA Rating:  N/A

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Running Time: 1h 30min


Three friends head to the seafront for a drunken weekend, only to be imprisoned on the top floor of their holiday apartment by a malevolent paranormal force.


The Snare embeds real horrors with fictitious elements. The underlying message once revealed strikes a chord with the viewer. The film is not a typical Horror,Thriller. Projected are scenes with dual messages.

The plot may seem generic with its approach, setting, and set of characters. Yet, as the story develops therein lies a unique direction. The Snare offers quality portrayals with light uses of practical effects. The highlight of this production resides within the story. C.A. Cooper The Snare


The Snare is an elaborate craft best summed as a psychological Thriller. Horror elements don’t accent events. Removed are traditional scare tactics. Instead, frightening aspects are an intricate part of unfolding grim scenarios. The film combines Horror and Thriller with flawlessness.

The script offers a clever strategy. C.A. Cooper penned an intimate depiction of conflict. External and internal forces are the sources of opposing forces. Is it physical versus metaphysical? C.A. Cooper The Snare

Haunting apparitions are not derived from a conventional origin. In fact, The Snare presents a visual journey into an unstable human psyche. The fabric of reality is torn with delusion stitching the synopsis together.

A frightening circumstance of survival is the core concept. Therein lies the Thriller aspect. An otherworldly Horror soon plagues victims. What befalls these characters is anything from traditional unknowns.

The characters expel a sense of realism.  C.A. Cooper does great work of presenting the world seen through the eyes of the protagonist. Alice Clarke is a complex entity plagued with mental and physical attrition. Actress Eaoifa Forward portrays the role of Alice Clarke with utmost passion.

Actor Dan Paton and actress Rachel Warren offer supporting roles. Both Paton and Warren display a layered set of emotions. Their portrayals are well established. From Act I to Act III each character undergoes a transmogrification of mental deterioration. C.A. Cooper The SnareCons:

For the average viewing, The Snare may not seem suitable. Missing out on scenes can lead to the film becoming confusing. The film has a design for appreciation from the onset. Subliminal messages pepper the presentation. Deciphering these clues is not an issue for the astute viewer. Once the final scene materializes the subject of the film becomes evident.

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95 %
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60 %
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20 %
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Viewing Experience
95 %
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