Solved, Innovative Art Concept Tackles Puzzling Distress

Solved: Film Details Michael Bartolomeo, Triangle Films. Solved

Director: Michael Bartolomeo

Writer: Michael Bartolomeo

Release Date: TBA, 2017

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Short

Running Time: 8 Minutes


A lonely young man dreams of one day becoming a Rubik’s Cube master, but his obsession soon turns deadly. Over 11,000 still photos played back at 30fps. Michael Bartolomeo, Triangle Films. Solved


Solved released this year. The film follows Stephen Rogers, a lonely man who wanders into a bar in search of company. After his advances being ignored, he notices the crowd going wild over a man playing Rubik’s Cubes. He becomes engrossed and buys one for himself. This newfound hobby turns into an addiction and a lethal obsession when he daydreams about the Rubik’s Cube and seeing it everywhere he goes.

Solved premiered at the Bonebat Comedy of Horrors Festival and was also a selection at the following festivals

• Fantasia International Film Festival
• Crypticon
• Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival
• Sixth Sense Horror Film Festival
• 20MinMax International Short Film Festival
• Action on Film Festival
• Frostbite Film Fest
• Independent Horror Movie Awards

Solved won the Independent Horror Movie Awards for Best Kill. Bartolomeo’s film became nominated for The Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest Best Special Effects and Best Director.


Solved has great cinematography and special effects. The Stop-Motion effects enhance this cinematic experience. This is my first time, as I can recall, seeing a film with this type of artistry. Director Michael Bartolomeo alongside Motion Designer Jeff Goelz, and Special Effects Artist David Rodriguez does a fantastic work of realizing this idea to the screen. The cast performances offered a refreshing exchange that conveyed believability.

Stephen West-Rogers plays the main role as himself, and he does a spectacular job in bringing the whole makeup of his personality to life. The concept behind Solved is superb. This is my first time seeing a Horror film based on the Rubik’s Cube. More-so, this film alone makes the viewer think about pastimes and board games as the catalyst. It goes to show that anything can be an addiction. Likewise, all obsessions are bad when taken out of context or out of normalcy.

Cravings, compulsions, and insanity are all alarming realities. Bartolomeo’s film portrays each of these in a minimalist, but realistic way. Thus, Solved is not jump-out-of-your-seat frightening or goosebumps scary. Solved is more of a psychological scare with heightened dramatics for entertainment value.

There isn’t enough of a musical score in this Solved. Rather, the composition resonated as flowing background noise to emphasize the involvement in key points. Also, the dialogue enters only at certain times throughout the duration of the movie. In exchange, Solved is dominant with visual with audio contributions. This is where the performers were spot on. The viewer can grasp the experimental context implied. Each gesture, every scene needs to be radical, and the actors do well in this expressionism.

Solved is a great short film. I would say it’s one of the best by far. It highlights Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Suspense, and Thriller in under eight (8) brief minutes. It also answers questions the viewer may have and doesn’t leave lingering plot holes in its wake.

In Conclusion

Solved is a great short cinematic experience with Stop-Motion effects and a superb cast performance. Its dominant-visual technique is intriguing.

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